Roller Skates! (Hello Reader, Level 2)

by Stephanie Calmenson

Paperback, 1992



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R Cal



Scholastic , Inc. (1992), Edition: 1st, Paperback, 32 pages


When the town shoe store has a big sale on roller skates, everyone from Joe the mailman to Pete the pizza boy ends up on wheels.

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32 p.; 9.02 inches


0590907530 / 9780590907538



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LibraryThing member ChantalBerho
This book is a realistic fiction book for primary grades. It is done in ink and wash. In this early reader book, a delivery to a shoe store goes awry when three delivery trucks collide and spill 56 boxes of roller skates. The shop owner had only been expecting two boxes of shoes, and in order to find them, he decides to put the roller skates up for sale. Soon the whole city is on roller skates. While the words explain that everything is great on roller skates, the illustrations show humor in the chaos of everyone being on roller skates.
This is a good example or realistic fiction because although it is unlikely, the events that occur in the town are plausible.
This book is set in the city, which is clear from the illustrations. There are lots of buildings, small streets, limited plant life, and taxis and other motorized vehicles everywhere. The setting is reinforced by the events that occur in the story.
This book could be used for beginning readers for independent reading.
This book could be used for oral proficiency/reading testing for beginners.
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