Mercy Watson #2: Goes for a Ride

by Kate DiCamillo

Hardcover, 2006



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Candlewick Press (2006), Hardcover, 80 pages


Mr. Watson's usual Saturday drive in his Cadillac with his favorite pig, Mercy, turns into an adventure when an unexpected passenger shows up in the back seat and Mercy finds herself behind the wheel.

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80 p.; 8.42 inches

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LibraryThing member katrinafroelich
Dicamillo presents a story with a quick pace and ample humor. It is an excellent choice for a young reader, as the wild adventure is unpredictable and spirited. The illustrations support the text and clearly convey the emotions and actions of character.
LibraryThing member jscheper
This is the story of the Watson's and their pig named Mercy. Every Saturday the Watson's eat breakfast together and then Mr. Watson goes for a car ride. Every Saturday Mercy gets behind the wheel and Mr. Watson fights to move him over so he could drive. And every saturday their nosey neighbors, the
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Lincoln sisters, watch the "folly". Then one saturday things go a bit different.

The illustrations are excellent in this early reader. Very vibrant and full of character. The story is super adorable. The Watson's and Mercy are great characters with lots of trouble to get into. This would be a great series to introduce to young children, so they can enjoy reading. This is a very simple story that could also be read aloud in class. Toddlers would also love to follow the misadventures. A great find.
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LibraryThing member katykids
A silly story of a pig driving a car should be entertaing to a young audience, but older kids will be bored with this story. The illustrations are bright, and cute.
LibraryThing member jasmine84
this book about a pig that live with this couple. He love to drive the car but he cant. One day he drive along with his master and the accident happen to the pig but everyone is ok and the pig learn a big lession. The art is cute and pretty.
LibraryThing member sharonstrickland
A delightful romp about and man and his wife who have a pig for a pet. Hiliarity ensues when Mercy and Mr. Watson go for their Saturday Ride in his car and Mercy decides she wants to drive. The story carries the reader along on a rapid pace even with the next door neighbor ladies becoming involved.
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They are sisters, one of which is lets her irritation be known of the antics next door. The other sister is wistful iin her ambition to have an adventure and finds a way to become involved.
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LibraryThing member rdelamatre
Another installment of Mercy Watson, this book is fun and high-energy. The illustrations are adorable as well, and are a great basis for kids ready to soon move into chapter books, of which there are numerous Mercy Watson stories.
LibraryThing member fvalle89
an easier to read chapter book series, for lower readers but who are anxious to get to read chapter books. Nicely illustrated, exciting and funny.
LibraryThing member runner_roader
The second story about Mercy Watson, a pig that lives with Mr. and Mrs. Watson and who absolutely adores hot buttered toast. Mercy enjoys car rides and wishes to drive the car just like Mr. Watson. One day, Mercy sees an opportunity and literally jumps into Mr. Watson's lap to drive the car.

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right amount of pictures allow the reader to visualize the police officer chasing after the pink convertible and Mr. Watson trying to get his eager pig off his lap. Fun and entertaining, the children will laugh out loud as Office Tomilello looks at the driver and the driver oinks at him.

Great story to share with children when discussing the laws and the importance of using a seat belt while riding in a car.
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LibraryThing member aschmidt22
The colorful pictures combine with this outrageous storyline to produce a book is filled with laughs. The giant grin plastered on Mercy's face is priceless, and simple, repetitive sentences make this an easy book for beginning readers.

Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride would be a good way to start for
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students beginning to read chapter books. The book could be read in a group so that children could help each other and discuss their favorite funny parts.
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LibraryThing member MrsBond
Very cute easy reader.
LibraryThing member shellybjorklund
Age: Intermediate
Genre: Fantasy
Review: Because people would never have pigs as indoor pets or let them drive in a car, this story is unrealistic. But it has aspects of reality with driving, mean neighbors, and policemen enforcing the law. This makes is somewhat believable to the reader.
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LibraryThing member allawishus
I love Mercy Watson! I'm an unabashed fan. In this lovely title, Mercy and Mr. and Mrs. Watson have their special Saturday lunch, and then afterwards, Mr. Watson and Mercy go for a ride in his (awesome) pink convertible. Mercy wants to drive, so she hops in the driver's seat; Mr. Watson needs Mrs.
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Watson to come out and bribe Mercy with the promise of more hot buttered toast in order to get her to move. The image of Mercy looking all sly and conniving while sitting in the driver's seat is absolutely beautiful and hysterical. Eventually during their drive, Mercy DOES get to drive, to a great and calamitous ending for the story involving a pig flying. Once again, everyone ends up satisfactorily happy, munching on hot buttered toast.
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LibraryThing member mossing
Mercy and Mr. Watson go for a ride in Mr. Watson's convertible every Saturday. It always starts the same way. Mercy wants to drive, and Mrs. Watson has to bribe her with hot buttered toast to sit in the passenger seat. The Lincoln sisters look on with a mixture of disapproval and wonder. This
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Saturday, however, Baby Lincoln sneaks into the backseat for a ride, and when Mr. Watson is momentarily distracted on the drive, Mercy jumps right into the driver's seat! Simple, easy-to-read sentences make this book appropriate for beginning chapter book readers. The full-color cartoon gouache illustrations provide textual cues and enhance the playfulness of the story and clearly depict the actions and emotions of the characters. Ages 5-8. Recommended purchase.
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LibraryThing member briannad84
Saw this on the shelf while looking for books my son would like, and the illustrations popped out at me, as well as the author. Very cute book with great illustrations and a really great plot for younger kids learning to read. Loved the police officer and the 'pig' comment!
LibraryThing member JenJ.
Extremely fun and silly, the second Mercy Watson book introduces Officer Tomilello. Mercy and Mr. Watson always go for a ride on Saturdays, but of course the Saturday they drive past Officer Tomilello is also the Saturday that Baby Lincoln sneaks into the back seat for the "folly" and adventure she
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craves, distracting Mr. Watson just long enough for Mercy to grab the wheel. The result includes an indirect lesson about the importance of seatbelts and hot buttered toast for all! This series is great for the those readers who are beyond easy readers and ready for the very shortest chapter books. Plenty of illustrations by Chris Van Dusen provide support for the text, but the increased length of the book as compared to easy readers will help build reader confidence.
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LibraryThing member kriemer
Kelsey is loving this series!
LibraryThing member BrittaSorensen
(I used this book for my visual literacy assignment.)

Mercy and her family spend every Saturday doing the same thing: eating breakfast and going for a drive. Their neighbor watches them wistfully. Until one day the neighbor decides to hide in the backseat and Mercy decides to plop in the man's lap
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and take over the wheel. They end up going on a wild ride that ends in eating an abundance of toast.

The illustrations add so much to this book. The setting is drawn realistically, but in a highly stylized and stereotyped way, and the characters are cartoonish. The pictures add excitement and humor and illustrate emotions and mood perfectly. It would be a great book to use with younger children.
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LibraryThing member dms02
This was a FUN read. The writing was certainly on level for a 6-8 year old. I read it aloud to my 4 year old. She was captivated by the story and I must admit the writing sucked me in too. I found myself wanting to keep turning the pages and sailing through the chapters to see what was going to
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happen. The characters were interesting and well put together - unlike some of the other characters we have come to meet in early chapter books (who tend to be one dimensional). We had a great time making up voices. The illustrations were bright and fun and really added to the story. We will definitely be reading the rest of this series.
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LibraryThing member Talwold
I almost feel like this would be an early chapter book? I laughed out loud when reading this. Mercy Watson is a pig and much of the story takes place in a car. The best part is when Mercy is forced to drive and reaching the pedals proves to be a challenge.
LibraryThing member nicholew
This is a great series to introduce chapter books to children. The words are still quite large for easy reading and the chapters are small. I think the story line is also great children will have a fun time reading about Mercy's adventures.
LibraryThing member Ebarclift13
This is the story about Mr. and Mrs. Watson who own a pig named Mercy. The pig however, is like a child to the Watson's. Every Saturday Mr. Watson and Mercy go for a ride around town. However, each time Mercy wants to drive and is convinced otherwise through food bribery. Every Saturday their
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neighbors, two sisters, groan about how "folly" Mr. Watson is of a driver and owner of a pig. However, the younger sister secretly disagrees and wishes to join them one Saturday. And so this is exactly what she does. One Saturday, the younger sister sneaks into the back of the convertible. While Mr. Watson is driving a police officer comes up behind him to pull him over for speeding. This is when Mr. Watson realizes the younger sister is in the back of the convertible. At the same exact time the big pig sits on his lap (controlling him with its weight) and takes over the driving. Now the police officer really wants to pull the car over, but Mr. Watson's legs are numb from Mercy sitting on him and so he can't press the breaks. The younger sister saves the day by coming to the front seat and stomping on the breaks. However, Mercy the pig flew out of the car. This overall resulted in no injuries, but Mercy did get in a little bit of trouble. In the end the police officer, the two neighbor sisters, Mercy and Mr. and Mrs. Watson sit and enjoy buttered toast together. This book falls under Fantasy because Mercy the pig acts like a child would act rather than a pig.
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LibraryThing member kvelin
This was a wonderful early chapter book about Mr. and Mrs. Watson and their pig Mercy Watson. Every Saturday, Mr. Watson takes Mercy for a ride in his convertible and Mercy wants to drive. Mrs. Watson always talks Mercy out of driving by offering an extra helping of buttered toast. One Saturday
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their neighbor, Baby, shows up in the back seat of the car while driving. When Mr. Watson is surprised by this Mercy takes the opportunity to jump on his lap and start driving. Mr. Watson's foot gets stuck on the gas and he can't get Mercy off. With an officer tailing, Mercy, Baby, and Mr. Watson careen down the road. With Baby's help they finally get the car to stop, but Mercy flies out of the car. They all run toward Mercy and pick her up and head back home where Baby's sister and Mrs. Watson are waiting with hot, buttered toast.
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LibraryThing member Stahl-Ricco
pretty cute! I mean, a pig who loves buttered toast - what's not to like? Mercy is a favorite of my seven year old daughter's, so I guess she's becoming one of mine too! :-)
LibraryThing member Stahl-Ricco
pretty cute! I mean, a pig who loves buttered toast - what's not to like? Mercy is a favorite of my seven year old daughter's, so I guess she's becoming one of mine too! :-)
LibraryThing member Cheryl_in_CC_NV
I can see how beginning readers would get a kick out of this funny series. I've not read the first - but I suspect that's the best. Don't read if you like buttered toast and are trying to eat healthfully.




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