Raising a Son: Parents and the Making of a Healthy Man

by Don Elium

Paperback, 1992



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EC Parenting (copy 1)


Beyond Words Pub Co (1992), Edition: 1ST, Paperback, 256 pages


Boys pose special challenges for today's stressed parents. In "Raising A Son," the Eliums embrace the challenges--and the joys--of raising boys with compassion, commitment, experience, patience, and humor. This fully updated and expanded edition follows the psychological development of boys from infancy to young adulthood. Look for new sections on: - media and violence - the "boy code" - age-appropriate morality - the out-of-control son - triggers for aggression - when and how to get help- coping with guilt - the highly sensitive son- triggers for withdrawal - why he gets overwhelmed - hypersensitivity and ADD - the right role models


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LibraryThing member saskreader
I agree with or support many of the ideas presented here about raising boys. What the authors propose is really common sense, however--be kind, loving, and supportive of your son. It seems that our society has forgotten how to be these things to everyone, not just our sons.


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