Your Child's Growing Mind: A Guide to Learning and Brain Development from Birth to Adolescence

by Jane M. Healy

Paperback, 1994




Main Street Books (1994), Edition: Revised and Updated, Paperback, 368 pages


The completely updated and expanded version of the 1987 classic hailed by parents and educators everywhere.

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LibraryThing member morningsidefamily
A helpful general reference, particularly for young children, but it also explains the abstract shift that occurs around age twelve. Ms. Healy explains, in terms of brain development, why dilling basic skills at an early age isn't always the best bet in the long run. In the process, she gives
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parents plenty of intelligent ideas for use with their children. Has helpful checklists for development.
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LibraryThing member apartmentcarpet
A wonderful primer on how a mind forms. Like anyone with young children, I am fascinated by how my son experiences and learns about his world. When you read about some of the science behind it, it becomes even more amazing.


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