Children Just Like Me: A Unique Celebration of Children Around the World

by Barnabas Kindersley

Other authorsAnabel Kindersley (Author), Unicef (Contributor)
Hardcover, 1995



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155.2 Kin (c.1)





DK CHILDREN (1995), Hardcover, 80 pages


Photographs and text depict the homes, schools, family life, and culture of young people around the world.

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79 p.; 12.23 inches

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LibraryThing member jenlunny
I think of this picture book as an encyclopedia of children's lives. The information it provides on these 35 children is comprehensive and enlightening. Because the text is so detailed, it is suited towards intermediate aged students and would be a wonderful resource for introducing different
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cultures. The language is inclusive and the photos are interesting. My only concern is that it might be a bit too positive at times about issues such as poverty and children living in orphanages. Nonetheless, it could open discussion on those topics.
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LibraryThing member aconant05
This book shows children from all around the world. It shows individual children from each area. Each page talks about a child's family, what they do for fun, their favorite toys, a sample of their homework, what type of food they like, their school, and more!
LibraryThing member StaceyMiller
This Unicef book is filled with fantastic photographs from around the world. The book features children from all around the world, illustrating just how similar we all are.
LibraryThing member tnelson725
This book shows real children around the world, on every continent, and features information about their lives. There are over children from over 140 different countries in the book. The continents are divided up and, in each, the children are introduced, along with their nationalities. It also
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describes every child's housing, friends, favorite games, and what they hope for the future.

This is a great way to introduce to children how other people around the world live. I also think that, by helping them understand the differences, they will be more tolerant and respectful now and when they get older.

I would have students choose a child in the book and then research the country that he/she is from. They will make a poster explaining the differences between them and the children from the other country. They will also present their findings to the class.
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LibraryThing member SADAMS30
Awesome book for Social Studies! The photographs and explanations of how kids live around the world are fantastic. This book helps make cultures around the world accessible and understandable to kids. I can't wait to use this in my classroom!
LibraryThing member mollyboehme
I really enjoy flipping through this book. It was a fun, easy read, with lots of pictures and facts. It is a good book for children who might get bored with chapter books without the pictures. It is very informative, and lets children see other children they might never learn about. The pictures
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and blurbs about the children are a great insight to different cultures, family life, and interests.
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LibraryThing member maybedog
Really inclusive and beautiful. Most of the kids are wearing common clothes in their countries, not traditional garb. (I usually hate that because then they just put American children in street clothes implying that they kids in Japan wear kimonos.)
LibraryThing member afussell
The author of this book selected children from all over the world to explain where they are from and why it is special. This book needs to be in the classroom year round so the students can learn about children from around the world. It is important for children to understand that all children are
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alike, but also a little different. A being different is a great thing!
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LibraryThing member Cheryl_in_CC_NV
Heartbreakingly beautiful smiling children. None from Sudan, Afghanistan or Iraq, and several from the USA, but on the whole 'balanced'. Just a nice honest reflection of how children around the world really do live in their own cultures.
LibraryThing member LarisaAWhite
Photo-illustrated book offering insights into the personal, family, and school lives of children from countries all over the world -- one page per child. Children represented in the book range in age from 6 to 16.




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