Out of the Ark: Stories from the World's Religions

by Anita Ganeri

Other authorsJackie Morris (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 1996



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291 Ga




Harcourt (1996), Edition: 1st U.S. ed, Hardcover, 104 pages


Retells stories from religions around the world, arranged in such categories as "Creation Stories," "Flood Stories," and "Animal Stories."


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104 p.; 10.95 inches

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LibraryThing member CherieDooryard
I read this as background on a little project I'm working on, as a way to see how religious stories can be presented in a straightforward, nonreligious manner. This is a really well done collection, with a nice, neutral voice throughout. There are occasional intros worked directly into the stories
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("The story of Christmas is an important one in the Christian faith..." [paraphrased]) and they are helpful. I found myself wishing for slightly more background, either worked into the stories like in my example or in a more significant "Fact Files" at the end, but overall this was really impressive. It is set up to provide subtle comparisons and it succeeds. (The story of Jesus' birth as told in the Koran vs. the Bible is particularly interesting.) This would be a great addition to a homeschooling library, providing lots of material for studies in world religions, diversity, world culture and history, and critical thinking.
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