Tales of the Greek Heroes (Puffin Classics)

by Roger Lancelyn Green

Other authorsRick Riordan (Introduction)
Paperback, 2009



Local notes

292 Gre (c.2)





Puffin (2009), Edition: Puffin Classics, Paperback, 304 pages


A collection of nineteen Greek myths and legends features such tales as "The Story of Prometheus," "The Wanderings of Heracles," "The Quest of the Golden Fleece," and "The First Fall of Troy."


Original publication date

1958 (original)
1994 (Puffin Classics)

Physical description

304 p.; 7.02 inches

User reviews

LibraryThing member Jakeofalltrades
This book was my introduction to the Greek Myths of old. There was a certain feel to them, that was both strange, and sensible. Perseus naturally is an archetypal hero, along with Theseus and Jason and Hercules, these heroes come from a culture where being a hero meant having your name live forever
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in the epic poems. Of course, this requires people to listen to or read these ancient stories. But every time a child picks up a book of Greek Myths, these heroes live again, in the minds and imaginations of the young, to have these stories then told to their children. You never forget your first book of Greek Myths, and this was mine.
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LibraryThing member gossypia
I think this was also my introduction to Greek Myths, and they were wonderful, but I remember just as much the illustrations (I wish I knew the name of the illustrator) and the snippets of poems at the beginning of each chapter. Many of them were translations from ancient poems and they were still
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ringing in my head when I visited Greece many years later.
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LibraryThing member sturlington
I loved the Greek myths as a child. I also love this series, its design and how it makes the classics accessible to modern young readers. However, I did not love this particular rendition of the Greek myths. There is so much stuffed in here, so much attention paid to everyone's ancestry and exactly
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where things took place and a surfeit of detail, that the stories themselves are lost. Lacking is what made them so exciting to me as a young reader: the adventure, the sense of mystery and divinity. I would search for a better introduction to mythology, such as D'Aulaire's, which is what I read as a child. Abandoned before finishing, alas.
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LibraryThing member CareBear36
This is a good introduction to some Greek Heroes' stories. The format is easy-to-read, although not that detailed so some of the stories come off as a little dry. Most of them are quick-reads and overall it is an easy text. I would recommend it as an introduction to the topic as a way for someone
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interested in Greek mythology to get a little summary of some of the stories the Greek mythology is famous for.
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LibraryThing member JorgeousJotts
A nice way to learn/brush up on the stories of Greek heroes. It's not too vague, but also moves along briskly not bogged down by every detail.

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