Chimpanzee Family (Animal Family Series)

by Jane Goodall

Other authorsMichael Neugebauer (Photographer)
Paperback, 1997



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North-South Books (1997), Paperback, 72 pages


British naturalist Jane Goodall provides an intimate portrait of a group of chimpanzees in the jungles of Africa which she has studied for many years.



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72 p.; 9.26 x 8.46 inches

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A charming collection of science books that are actually geared toward younger audiences so they can learn about some of Africa's more famous creatures when they are younger. Clear and easy to read Jane Goodall shares with us her talent for educating the world without drowning you in too much
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information while at the same time sharing breathtaking pictures that put you right in their world.


You can tell where Jane's heart lies with this simplistic book that dives into the brief family events of her beloved chimpanzees. Picking one mother chimp from her many chimpanzees she weaves together a book that shares their ties with others of their family and of their group while also providing easy to understand scientific information of the chimpanzee in general.

The main difference that I can see within this book out of the series is the fact that Jane goes ahead to show how we can relate behavior-wise to the chimpanzee. How we are similar or enjoy some of the same things.

And the other main difference that I saw in this book versus the others of the series is the conservation attempt. Jane leaves her second to last page to explain what causes are leading to the chimpanzee's dwindling numbers even when some of the other iconic animals are also endangered.

Altogether though (and remembering that this book is more directed towards children) this book is a beautiful example of science being presented to children in the right way.
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