Ben Franklin and His First Kite

by Stephen Krensky

Paperback, 2002



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Simon Spotlight (2002), Edition: 1, Paperback, 32 pages


Two popular series, Ready-to-Read and Childhood of Famous Americans, combine to present the story of young Ben Franklin who loves doing experiments and cannot wait to test out his latest idea involving a kite!

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32 p.; 9.04 inches

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LibraryThing member EmmaBrockwell
Ben Franklin and his First Kite by Stephen Krensky was not a book I enjoyed. When I saw the cover I assumed this book would be about Ben Franklin’s discovery of electricity using a kite. But I was mistaken. This book covered none of Ben Franklin’s more famous discoveries and that is one reason
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I didn't like it. This book chose to discuss Ben Franklin as an adolescent and his discovery that he could “glide across the river without swimming a stroke.” He used the kite to move him like a sailboat. Another reason I disliked this book was its vagueness. This book only covers one day in Ben Franklin’s life. There is no background information given and his invention is already planned before the book begins. This created a huge disconnect and allowed me to believe that this was just any teenager flying a kite. This book also ended as it began, abruptly. This lack luster book is an informative biography about a day in Ben Franklin’s life. Its sole purpose is to inform even with its lack of information.
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