Frog and Toad All Year (I Can Read Book) (c.2)

by Arnold Lobel

Hardcover, 1976



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R Lob (c.2)




Harper & Row (1976), Library Binding, 64 pages


Two friends share experiences in each season of the year.

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64 p.; 8.86 inches

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LibraryThing member t1bclasslibrary
Here is a story about each season and one about Christmas- all with the usual Frog and Toad humor.
LibraryThing member MrsLee
Another Arnold Lobel great book. Love the dynamics between Frog and Toad.
LibraryThing member stharp
This book is an example of fantasy. Since frogs don't really wear clothes this cannot be a real life situation. I really don't like the plot in this book, I don't feel like it is not very well developed and I think that the writer can make a better attempt at actually making the book interesting
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for the reader instead of just regurgitating words onto the page that make sense but don't provide interest.
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LibraryThing member Jenny_Laura
This Frog and Toad book is about two friends and their friendship throughout the year. It is a "what if" story, about Toad wondering what happened to Toad, because he is late for Christmas Eve.

It is a great example for students to see stories written about two friends, and then they could also
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write about what happens between themselves and a friend.
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LibraryThing member bekstrom
This is a good example of fantasy. The stories of Frog and Toads friendship and adventures are believeable and relateable for students. Students can learn a lot of leasons about friendships throught the adventures of frog and toad. Frog and Toad are both round characters, but they remain static
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throughout the story. We know a lot about the characters through their interactions and dialouge with one another. This is how we know how much they care for one another, however we do not see a dynamic change in their friendship in the story. They start friends and remain friends. I would use this book in a primary classroom. The media used in this book is pencil because of the lines and shading.
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LibraryThing member justineaylward
Toad and Frog are classics. You can't go wrong. Toad cracks me up! He is so strong willed and grumpy, yet he truly loves his friend Frog. My favorite is when they go sledding and Toad really does not want to go and some how also misses the point that he slid down the hill alone and goes home to bed
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instead. Frog and Toad, like Toot and Puddle, show kids that they don't have to be the same to be best friends.
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LibraryThing member mouaamy
Lobel presented a wonderful book of friendship and the interpretations of the seasons. I love it because it shows how important friendship can be.
LibraryThing member drdonovan
Frog and Toad share many adventures in this early reader by Arnold Lobel. Early readers enjoy the chapter book set up, but each "chapter" is really a simple story. These stories are excellent models for story writing, retelling, and dramatization in PK - 1st grade.
LibraryThing member ilovezeppe
Another great Frog and Toad book. Frog and toad are friends, what do they do together all year long??
LibraryThing member alliek710
A great easy reading chapter book, big fonts, good pictures, and great morals.
LibraryThing member sbpagac
This is another classic Frog and Toad book that I also loved when I was growing up. I had all of them. This one has a story for all the different seasons of the year as well as a special bonus Christmas story, and Frog and Toad are together through it all. It emphasizes the true friendship that
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Frog and Toad share, and that I believe is the biggest strength in this book.
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LibraryThing member CathyCathy
It was easy for me to read.
The story of this was good.
The main characters were Frog and Toad.
They were great friends.
I can be relax to read this.
LibraryThing member lnaeole
To be honest I have always been a fan of Frog and Toad's adventures. I specifically chose this serires because unfortunately I haven't read it. So being that this was the first I still felt the characters roles in their relationship and I love how they the same. Toad was always my favorite just
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because he was always a downer but when you have a great friend like Frog nothing seems impossible.
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LibraryThing member kiku-chi
Frog and Toad are always together.In this book, these two friends have fun the whole year around.I read this and had fun. Their charactor are very good and made me relax , and also I think it is easy to understand.
LibraryThing member dnati
Toad is taking a nap for a long long time, and frog wants to play! Toad tells Frog, I will get up when it is May. Frog then cleverly tricks Toad into believing it is May, but when they go outside, he realizes something isn't right because of all the snow still on the ground.
LibraryThing member sonya337
This classic collection of Frog and Toad's adventures connects the reader to the characters' lovable personalities. I remember reading these stories when I was younger and found myself laughing again at Frog and Toad's silly expressions and rooting for them to survive their even sillier
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LibraryThing member booschnoo
This is a good example of fantasy because it has frogs and toads behaving as humans. This is something that takes imagination on the part of the reader to believe, but the author creates a world where you could see this being the norm.
Stars: Character
Age: Primary
LibraryThing member lmaddux
another good book from Arnold Lobel, 'An I CAN READ Book' good for new readers, seasonal book
LibraryThing member kristenpittenger
I remember reading Frog and Toad when I was much younger, but I honestly haven't picked up one of these books since I was younger. I had completely forgotten how enjoyable they were! They are so funny! Frog and Toad are great characters that children will love. I knew I had enjoyed them, but now I
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remember why!
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LibraryThing member bsn003
first story Frog forces Toad out of the house to enjoy the winter weather but Toad would rather be home warm and snug in his bed. Next, on a rainy Spring day Frog tells Toad a story of his childhood when his father told him Spring was just around the corner, so Frog started looking around corners
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trying to find Spring. Next comes summer and Toad buys two Chocolate ice cream cones to take back for him and Frog to eat. Along the way the summer sun melts them and Toad becomes a frightening mess, scaring everyone he meets along the way. Autumn is my favourite season and this was ds's favourite story. Frog finds his yard full of leaves to be raked so he decides to sneak over to Toad's place and rake his leaves, while at the same time Toad has had the very same bright idea. the story talks about the seasons from beginning to end
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LibraryThing member ckarmstr1
Frog and Toad are the most selfless, caring friends. This story takes them through all the season of the year and all their adventures. The story ends with them sharing Christmas Eve together. The two of them are inseparable. This book is great for new readers.
LibraryThing member angelabotha
This is a lovely early chapter book exploring different elements of the four seasons through the joys and surprises of a friendship betwee a frog and toad. Ever positive Frog convinces his fried Toad to leave the warmth of his bed to go sledding with him and enjoy the winter weather. When frog
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falls off the sled and Toad is left to steer by himself and eventually crashes, he decides staying in bed on a cold day is better after all. In fall Frogand Toad try to surprise each other by raking the pile of leaves in each other's yard while the other is away. Unfortunately, the wind blows both piles of leaves astray but unaware of this both Frog and Toad go to bed happy knowing they have done their friend a favor.
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LibraryThing member Mmarcel2011
I feel as though this book will give kids more confidence. It's more along the lines of a chapter book, but an easy read. All frog and toad books, I feel are read aloud books for students, allowing them to be able to read in class but not so much with hard difficulty. Frog and toad are friends that
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do everything together. They are simple reading books with great understanding.
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LibraryThing member AbigailAdams26
One of four Frog and Toad story collections from Arnold Lobel - companion volumes include Frog and Toad Are Friends, Frog and Toad Together and Days with Frog and Toad - this charming beginning reader was (along with the other three books) a girlhood favorite of mine, and when I return to the world
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of those two amphibian friends, as an adult, it is with the happy feeling of coming home. In five brief selections, we see Frog dragging a very reluctant Toad out of the house one snowy Winter day, to go sledding (Down the Hill); we listen to the tale of Frog's childhood search for Spring, when he was "not much bigger than a pollywog" (The Corner); and we accompany Toad as he sets out on an ill-fated journey to provide his friend with a treat, one hot summer day (Ice Cream). The Surprise, set in October, as the leaves are falling, sees each of the two friends performing a kind deed for the other; while Christmas Eve brings the collection full-circle, with a worried Toad imagining that Frog has experienced some mishap in the snow, on his way to their holiday celebration.

These Frog and Toad stories have such charm! I am always won over by Lobel's understated sense of humor, and by his sensitive appreciation for the complexities of friendship between two very different characters. It doesn't hurt that his artwork is so very appealing, with its simple lines and colors, and drolly expressive faces, either! I was particularly struck, during this latest reread, by the similarities between Down the Hill, which sees a grumpy Toad returning home to his warm bed, and The Cookies (found in Frog and Toad Together), in which he grouchily returns home to bake a cake! Christmas Eve also stood out to me, with Toad's determination (even if occasioned by some rather silly worries) to rescue his friend. All in all, a wonderful book for beginning readers, one I recommend to little frogs and toads everywhere!
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LibraryThing member DannieN
"Frog and Toad All Year" is another book with the commonly known characters of Frog and Toad. This book is about adventures that Frog and Toad have during mostly the winter months. This book is specifically great for teaching comparing/contrasting between characters, making predictions, and making
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inferences. The easy-to-read text uses sight words and common vocabulary that students of about 2nd grade will love to read. Because most students are already familiar with the characters, and the simple illustrations, students will be able to focus on comprehension as they read.
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