Mouse Tales (I Can Read Book 2)

by Arnold Lobel

Hardcover, 1972





Harper & Row (1972), Edition: 1st, Hardcover, 64 pages


Mouse tales: "Papa, please tell us a tale." When Papa's seven little boys ask for a bedtime story, Papa does even better than that --he tells seven stories, one for each boy. Mouse soup: Mouse is in a jam -- soon he'll be weasel soup. Weasel is ready for his dinner. And poor mouse is it. Just in time, he thinks up a clever and entertaining way to distract weasel from serving up mouse soup for dinner.


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64 p.; 9.34 inches


0060239417 / 9780060239411



User reviews

LibraryThing member smilz23
Seven short tales told to 7 brother mice who need to go to sleep. A wishing well, some clouds, tall mice and short mice, old mice and dirty mice, wind and mice going for long walks.

Classroom connections: This is an "I can read book" that is meant for beginning readers. The stories are simple and the illustrations can be followed along with the text. Each story has some lesson to be learned as well. A great book to use with young readers in a reading group or to suggest for a child to read at home with their parents.… (more)
LibraryThing member geekeagle
It has a wonderful collection of short stories for children. I am an ESL teacher and my students love it. The stories get progressively more challenging, so it helps to improve the students' listening skill.
LibraryThing member kamee
There are seven tales about mouse in this book. My favorite tale is "VERY TALL MOUSE AND VERY SMALL MOUSE". This is a heartwarming story.
LibraryThing member MrsLee
A nice book, children like to read. Not as good as Frog and Toad, in my opinion.
LibraryThing member stharp
An example of a legend book. This book, the father tells seven short stories to his children before bed. The story portrays an interesting plot. The father mouse tell his little mice about seven different legends that their only similarity is that they all have something that the little mice can learn from.
LibraryThing member 100fe709
In this book, mouse father tells seven funny stories to his children.
We can enjoy these stories. They're almost funyn stories, but sometimese included heartwarming stories. I think you can also enjoy beautiful and cute pictures.
LibraryThing member SarahLinfield
A book about an adult mouse telling bedtime stories to seven child aged mice. This book resembles a chapter book- having seven different stories. These stories are adventurous, humorous, imaginative, and resembles known tales. Could be considered to be a folk tale fiction book.
LibraryThing member gallenor
A wonderful collection of stories involving mice that are told with Lobel's distinct level of humor. Perfect short stories for the little one in every home.
LibraryThing member Zoes_Human
The first book I ever loved. No matter how old I get "The Journey" and "The Bath" will always make me laugh, and this book will always make me smile.
LibraryThing member EllieGiles
This is a fabulous book filled with hilarious stories of different mice. My mom used to read these out loud all the time, and the stories are still as fresh in my mind as ever.
LibraryThing member bsn003
It has 7 wonderful of short stories for children. the book has good pictures to show students as they learn to read. the book contains comparisons.

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