Fox Outfoxed

by James Marshall

Paperback, 1996



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R Mar




Penguin Young Readers (1996), Edition: Reprint, Paperback, 48 pages


Fox competes in a big race, gives away his comic books, and goes trick-or-treating on Halloween with his friends.


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48 p.; 8.8 inches

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LibraryThing member jjohlend
Three stories of an anthropomorphic fox who seems to have everything go wrong as a result of his own less than innocent behavior. Fox just wants to win a race, or impress a pretty girl, or not be bugged by his little sister while trick-or-treating. However, nothing works out the way he wants.
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Oftentimes, it felt as if Fox was having a cruel joke played on him; it's like a Grim fairy tail method of teaching morals. The book is composed of two short and one longer story, which will help beginning readers' feel they are conquering chapters. The bright watercolor images, usually full of characters, are often quite amusing, bringing the text to life. The image of a hospital waiting room full of costumed animals is sure to bring a laugh. Fox's facials expressions are also a joy. Rather than being a character to look up to, Fox will make children glad they aren't that dumb.
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LibraryThing member setonhansen
This book includes three stories: A Faster Fox, Comic Fox, and Fox Outfoxed. A faster fox is about a derby race and fox cheats to win using his younger sister but is then disqualified. In Comic Fox, Fox is reading his comics until a friend comes over and says it is for little kids. Fox ends up
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giving her his book and she takes it to her other friends and they think it is cool making her cool. Fox Outfoxed is about Halloween. Fox has to take his younger sister trick-or-treating when he doesnt want to. He and his friends make her stay on a bench. When they go to pick her up she has turned into a pumpkin. His mom and sister were ticking him though.
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LibraryThing member wendyfincher
This is an easy to read chapter book. There are 3 chapters in all and in every chapter Fox gets outfoxed. The first chapter is called A Faster Fox. Fox enters a race and thinks he knows how to win. However, he gets out smarted in the end. In the second chapter Fox is out foxed by his sister. He is
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not happy that he has to take his sister trick or treating with him and his friends. When he thinks that his sister has turned into a real pumpkin, he gets really upset and wishes for his sister back. She had went home and was hiding inside the closet. On the third chapter, Fox is out smarted by his neighbor. He loses his 10 most favorite comic books to her.
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LibraryThing member rachel3212
Fox and his friends go trick or treating and have to take fox's little sister. They complain about having to drag around his sister, so they tell her to sit on a bench or they will turn her into a pumpkin. When they get back from trick or treating his sister is a pumpkin! They go to the hospital
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and try to get her to turn back into a fox. Teaches children to be nice to younger siblings or younger children in general.
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LibraryThing member MeditationesMartini
Didn't really hold together; events were unconvincing; seemed to assume you already knew and were invested in the characters.




½ (11 ratings; 3.7)
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