Days of the Knights: A Tale of Castles and Battles (Eyewitness Readers)

by Christopher Maynard

Paperback, 1998



Local notes

R May




Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd (1998), Paperback, 48 pages


Presents a day in the life of a medieval lord as he runs the land over which he holds power.


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48 p.; 8.74 inches

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LibraryThing member getreadingSMC
Review : Well, the book includes the historic story. It starts with the events of combat. It was between the lord of the castle ( Henry ) and the baron. The baron had besieged the castle, destroyed it until he stormed the castle and killed Henry and his wife. Actually, I chose this book because the
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title of the story was so exciting and I like to read about the knights. In addition , I learnt a lot of things from the story such as the method of fighting and the type of the weapons in the history. In conclusion, I recomended the students to read the story.

Student : Your Name: Yousif Ahmed Ibrahim
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LibraryThing member DVerdecia
This was actually a very good book for kids to read that are interested in life in Medevil times. The Story is fictitious about a boy named Thomas. Now, one of the things I like is that Thomas was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Son of a rich lord who had to be taken away from his kingdom as
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his father's lands fell to the Baron.

The book takes you through the life of this young lad and how he had to grow up. Fortunately, he had a rich family to take care of him. So he grew up to learn to be a Page, then a Squire, a Knight and finally he became King of his own lands.

The Book walks you through what life could have been for this boy. It generally describes life in what castles were all about. The book also clearly points out that this could have been life at the top. There are many other lives in Medevil times that are much different. Depending on which class you were born into.

Little side bars gives the young reader a taste for different aspects of Castle life. Everything from food to weapons to clothing is covered in these side bars. It offers the young reader a glimpse of what Castle life could be.

The Font and spacing of this book for the young reader is meant for those who can read by themselves and at a higher level. The pictures are specific to the topic at hand which is good because if the young reader is curious as to any specific topic they have a visual to research it.

I recommend this book for the young reader.
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