Amelia Bedelia Helps Out

by Peggy Parish

Paperback, 1981



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R Par




Avon Books (Mm) (1981), Edition: Reissue, Paperback, 63 pages


Amelia Bedelia shows her niece Effie Lou how to follow instructions to the letter as they dust the potato bugs and sew seeds.

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63 p.; 5 x 0.25 inches

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LibraryThing member GWES.Second
Use any of the Amelia Bedelia books to introduce and explore multiple meaning words.
LibraryThing member Viktoriya
I think that Amelia Bedelia Helps Out is a good book. Amelia Bedelia is funny. She does everything the wrong way. She feeds the chickens with cloth instead of chicken food. She also makes her Tea cake the wrong way. She didn't pull the right weeds in the garden. I like it because Amelia Bedelia
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like to help out and I do too.
This is a very funny book and is especially good to be read to toddlers. When Amelia is asked to stake the beans, she ties steak to them. When she's asked to make a tea cake, she makes one with tea in it. It offers a very good example of how what we say makes all the difference in the world, and whether or not what we are saying is what is being understood. When Amelia is asked to weed the garden, she thinks she's supposed to add more weeds, not 'unweed it' as she states in the story. It's a little long - about 50 pages in my edition so it's a little much for a youngster to sit through but if they can do it like mine can, it is a great book to teach.
amelia bedelia is very genuine in the sense that she just wants to make people happy but she ends up taking everything literally and doing just the opposite but in a funny way. She 'staked' the beans, fed the chickens 'scraps'...of cloth! And made 'tea' cake that everyone raved over for instance.
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LibraryThing member roseannes
I remember reading Amelia Bedelia books when I was little and I remember loving them. I don't remember this one specifically, but i do remember that they follow the common pattern where Amelia Bedelia tries her best to do chores but completely misinterprets what she is supposed to do. There was at
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least one in this one that I don't think a kid would completely understand, I remember when I was little I read one or two that I didn't know about at the time either. I see the possibility for a classroom project about double-meanings in the Amelia books. Another review had the idea of doing a gardening project since she does a lot of things in the garden in this book which is also a good idea. Maybe promoting housework and housekeeping as something fun for BOTH genders could be a good application too.
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LibraryThing member sarahbatte
very cute and easy to read for young kids. Amelia bedielia is funny and makes books fun to read.
LibraryThing member nicole.ansara
simplistic drawings and easy text, misunderstandings and asking questions, make sure you are literal due to multiple meanings, good for teaching idioms
LibraryThing member jsa110
Amelia Bedelia Helps Out is a great book to read. She always interprets things in different ways then they should be. It is a great story if you need a good laugh, and an exciting book to let the children be able to decide themselves what they think Amelia would do. These books were always my
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favorite growing up, and there are so many to choose from that all have a different activity that Amelia is trying to over come. It also shows that you can say one thing, but it can also mean more than that one thing, and how people need to be more specific.
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LibraryThing member dcaitlyn
The Amelia Bedelia series is quite large, and more than one author and illustrator have had their hand at interpreting her. This is one of the originals conceived by Peggy Parish, and while some of the details are a bit dated the whole story is quaint and soothing. I think I will have to try to
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bake my own "tea cake"
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LibraryThing member n.oreilly
Amelia Bedelia and Effie Lou help Miss Emma get things ready for a tea party. Amelia Bedelia has unusual ways of weeding the garden, staking bean plants, and making tea cake.
LibraryThing member HeatherBallard
I think that the book, Amelia Bedelia Helps Out, is an interesting story for children. In this book, the main character is a maid who does not understand figures of speech. She takes everything literally and constantly misinterprets her commands. I think this is a good book for children because in
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the English language there are many different meanings for the same word. A lot of English language learners have trouble with some figures of speech. A good example of a figure of speech in the book is when Miss Emma asks Amelia to weed the garden. Amelia believes that her command is to add weeds to the garden because if Miss Emma wanted the weeds removed, she would have said unweed the garden. Another great thing about this book is that it makes use of homonyms. For example, in the book, Miss Emma asks Amelia to stake the beans. Amelia then cuts up pieces of steak and ties them to the beans instead of stakes. I really think this book is an entertaining way to demonstrate to students how figures of speech and homonyms can be confusing.
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LibraryThing member kamijake
Amelia does everything literally. Many times ELL students are very literal and this book demonstrates the pitfalls of that in a humorous way.

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