Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping

by Peggy Parish

Paperback, 1989



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R Par (c.2)




Avon Books (Mm) (1989), Paperback, 10 pages


As always, Amelia Bedelia follows exactly the instructions given to her on a camping trip, including pitching a tent and rowing boats.

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10 p.; 5.25 x 0.25 inches

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LibraryThing member eadavis83
This is a good book for children to read at any time. This book is a fun book to read and is very entertaining. The book is good for children who are transitioning from picture books to chapter books. The teacher could read this book with the class or have the book in the classroom throughout the
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LibraryThing member the_hag
This book in the series finds Amelia Bedelia and her employers going always Amelia's literal minded approach means lots of misunderstanding between what the Rodger's tell her to do and what Amelia does. As always, Amelia Bedelia does EXACTLY as she is told (let's hit the road leaves
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Amelia hitting the road with a stick and I think we can all guess what happens when it's time to pitch the tent)!! In the end, its Amelia's big heart (and extraordinary cooking ability) that saves the day (as usual) when the Rodger's get fed up with all the misunderstandings!! Young readers will love to hear this story read out loud, but it's also a find book for readers just starting out! Amelia, I think, will be around for generations to come, the stories are simple, but hilarious and the illustrations are just darling! Always a good way to get a discussion going about how we use words and how a word or phrase can have several it's just plain fun!
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LibraryThing member bekstrom
This is a good example of a realistic fiction book. This could easily happen in present day life and Amelia's problems wih communication people might face in real life, probibly not to such an extreme level. The plot of this book is person against society. Amelia doesn't understand social norms or
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common social phrases, this causes many misunderstandings. If she understood social norms she would interact easier with those around her. I would use this book in a primary classroom. The type of media used is pen. You can tell by the definite strokes and detailed drawings.
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LibraryThing member jaytuck.NW
Tells yet another story of Mr. & Mrs. Rogers’ loveable, and always very literal, maid Amelia Bedelia. I love the timeless illustrations but perhaps they just seem timeless to those of us able to actually look back on our childhood. In either case, I always find Miss Bedelia to be a delight for
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kids of all ages. Both beginning readers and their encouraging helpers can always get a good chuckle out of the hijinx that ensue each time turns her bosses’ relatively simple instructions into an understandably mistaken mess. I mean, who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies made primarily of chocolate and potato chips?
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LibraryThing member sharty
Amelia Bedilia is a maid who always takes instructions literally. While meant for beginning readers, students need a pretty good command of and flexibility with English to get the jokes in the book. In her camping trip with Mr. and Mrs. Rogers she puts potato chips in the chocolate chip cookies,
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catches fish with her bare hands, and throws the tent to pitch it. As always, this book ends with Amelia's silly mistakes ending OK and everyone having a good time.
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LibraryThing member catieanderson4
This is a great book and the students find it hilarious. This book can be used for lessons or just for a fun read aloud. I would read this book aloud but I would also keep this book on a book shelf along with the other Amelia Bedelia books for children to read on their own. I think that a lot can
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come out of this book and it is a very enjoyable read.
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LibraryThing member jakdomin
Great book for beginning readers thanks to awesome humor and easy reading. Being the rather all-over-the-place housekeeper that she is, Amelia takes camping to a new level by mixing up what she is supposed to do with the literal meaning of the instructions she has been given. Beginning readers will
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gobble this whole series up and learn to read more fluently when encountering dialogue. This would also be a fun book to read out loud in class with several kids taking turns.
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LibraryThing member caitlinbennison
Amelia almost ruins the camping trip for the Rogers family. However, her culinary ability saves Miss Bedelia once again.
LibraryThing member Kcarline143
Amelia Bedelia goes camping with Mrs. and Mr. Rogers. She takes going camping to a whole new literal sense.
LibraryThing member kzrobin
Amelia Bedelia books were always my favorite as a child, and I still get a good laugh out of them as an adult. This one is about her camping trips and all the silly mistakes she makes with Mr. and Mrs. Rogers. I love how she takes everything so literal.
LibraryThing member PaigeCostella
Mr. and Mrs. Rogers go on a camping trip and take Amelia Bedelia along with them. Amelia Bedelia has never been camping before on done outdoor activities that you do when you go camping. While camping Amelia Bedelia decide to surprise Mr. and Mrs. Rogers by pitching the tent, putting pinecones on
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the grill with coffee, and cutting the stakes into tent shapes while they are out fishing. When they return they are angry to see what Amelia Bedelia has done. Mr. Rogers tells Amelia Bedelia that he will do it himself. Amelia surprise them when she cmes out with a fest for dinner and a birthday cake for Mr. Rogers. It turns out to be their best camping trip. This can be read in the classroom when discussing camping and the fun activities you can do while you are camping. It also shows that no matter how bad something may seem or start off it can always getter better and turn out to be the best.
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LibraryThing member lmhudson
Amelia Bedelia is a wonderful series. I love the way it makes children think about the meanings of words. As I was reading this book to my son we came across a part where Mr. Rogers said he needed to pitch the tent. I paused here and asked my son what he meant by using the phrase pitch the tent and
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he answered with, " He means to set it up." my son thought it was hilarious when Amelia Badelia picked up the tent and through it. He said, "that's not what he meant by pitch the tent not like you pitch a ball it's a different pitch."
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LibraryThing member Heather19
A funny, cute Amelia Bedelia book where she goes camping and, as usual, gets into a lot of strange predicaments.
LibraryThing member t1bclasslibrary
Amelia takes all the cliche’s she hears seriously: her chocolate chip cookies are chocolate cookies with potato chips in them! You can imagine how this plays out while camping. The campout would have been a blowout if not for the fact that she made a lovely birthday picnic for Mr. and Mrs. Rogers.
LibraryThing member HannahRevard
This is an Amelia Bedelia book about camping. This would be a good book for a beginning reader and I think it can help children think about the way certain phrases are worded.
LibraryThing member HillaryBertucci
Amelias character is one that takes things so literal. It reminds me of how literal children can be, and how literal I was as a child. To me the importance of showing children such a humorous book they can relate to is very meaningful. Sometimes children need someone to relate to and I think they
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can definately relate to Amelia. I love when Mr. Roges says "let's hit the road." and she literally grabs a stick and hits the road with it.
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LibraryThing member TPicou
Amelia Bedelia goes camping is another crazy Amelia adventure. She takes everything too literally, and nothing really clicks in her head right away. She did not understand that they had to build the camp site, she thought they were sleeping in the car. My favorite part of this book is when they're
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eating cookies and she said she made up a new kind- chocolate- but she put the cookies and potato chips in one bag and called them "chocolate chip cookies". I think this book is a great way to make children think about actual terms and words. When you're young it doesn't click right away that a chocolate chip cookie is a cook with pieces of chocolate in it.
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LibraryThing member stomas5
Summary: In this children's story, Amelia Bedelia is a maid/cook for the Rogers family. Amelia has a reputation of taking phrases or idioms literally. In this adventure, Amelia and the family go camping. So in the story when she is supposed to pitch a tent she actually throws it into bushes instead
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of catching it. Amelia does everything wrong on the trip and makes the Rogers very unhappy. At the end, she makes it up to them by cooking a huge feast-cooking is what she does best! This is a classic series that will make children laugh from Amelia's silly behavior.

Argument: I have always loved the Amelia Bedelia books because they never fail to make me laugh. This one is no exception. I believe this book is a great read for children. It really helps children understand the meaning of idioms. Amelia Bedelia takes all of the idioms literally and in turn messes everything up. For example, on page 6, it says " "Hit the road?" asked Amelia Bedelia. All right. She picked up a stick and Amelia Bedelia started hitting the road." I also think this is a good read for children because it involves the topic of camping. I think this is a topic that children will not only enjoy reading about but something that they may have experienced with their families. They may have experienced the same things as Amelia Bedelia.
This story also has many themes and messages. I think the main one is too not take things too seriously and that it is okay to make mistakes. Even though Amelia misunderstood all the directions she was not a bad person. I also think the big idea is for children to understand the concept of idioms.
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LibraryThing member SMLawrence
Amelia Bedelia is a kind and friendly housekeeper who takes almost everything literally. In this book, Amelia is going camping with Mr. Rogers and his wife. During the camping trip Amelia takes everything Mr. Rogers says very literally, which causes quite a lot of confusion, but they still have a
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fun trip filled with fishing and picnicking. This is an easy and fun read for young children. Amelia Bedlia is a funny and lovable character, it is fun to read about her mix ups and mistakes.
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LibraryThing member bigkristin
In my opinion, this book is a good read for beginning readers. The plot is very creative and the main character, Amelia, is quite a person. She is entertaining and funny yet very helpful. I think students would fall in love with her personality quickly. Amelia tends to do the most outrageous things
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but in the end, the reader knows she means well. The purpose of this story was to encourage children to take on activities they have never done before like camping.
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LibraryThing member akoches
I loved this lively and humorous contemporary fiction picture book. It is about a confused housekeeper named Amelia Bedelia who takes everything literally. She went camping for the first time with Mr. Rogers and attempts to follow his orders, but doesn’t exactly get anything right. This story is
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packed with engaging dialogue and illustrations that really enhance the humor in the story, making it a fun read. For instance, prior to starting the camping adventure Mr. Rogers says to Amelia, “It’s time to hit the road,” so Amelia Bedelia “picked up a stick. And she hit the road,” (10). Furthermore, Mr. Rogers asked Amelia to pitch the tent, so she threw the tent as far away as possible and it landed in the bushes. The illustrations show Amelia’s excitement as the tent skyrockets through the air, and Mr. Rogers’s frustration when he discovers what she did. In essence, the main idea of the story is that Amelia Bedelia doesn’t exactly understand Mr. Roger’s vocabulary usage and seems to interpret everything exactly how he says it, which is a lesson in itself about idioms.
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LibraryThing member BayleeWestrick
This realistic fictional book tells the story of Amelia Bedelia experiencing the great outdoors for the first time. Amelia Bedelia is not your typical house maid. She struggles with following directions because she takes everything so literal. When they were heading off to hit the road, she took a
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stick and actually hit the road. She was told to put the coffee on the fire and she actually poured the coffee into the BBQ. She was told she needed the tent stakes and she took three steaks and put them in shapes of the tent. Although Amelia struggled with many things for the great outdoors, she realized she really does love camping.
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LibraryThing member CasieBelaire
This Amelia Bedelia book, just like most of them, is filled with idioms and is humorous for children. Reading these books I didn't find it to humorous, but I know children will enjoy them. If I implemented these books in my classroom it would strictly be used for teaching idioms. I would also do
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cause and effect lessons with the books. When reading these books, I was focused on the vocabulary used and found lots of activities on vocabulary and also t-charts on what the phrase really means and what Amelia Bedelia thought it meant. Such as, pitch a tent, catch a fish, and hit the road.
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LibraryThing member ElainaBerger
This book is really cute. It is about Amelia Bedelia going camping with her friends. They have a fun adventure. She learns how to fish and pitch a tent.
LibraryThing member hcurrey
Amelia Bedelia always pleases young readers who know what she was SUPPOSED to do. I have heard of Amelia Bedelia books being used to identify talented and gifted students around first grade: if they laugh, they might qualify. Amelia Bedelia is a sweet fool, and young readers enjoy being smarter
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than her.
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