Good Work, Amelia Bedelia

by Peggy Parish

Paperback, 1980



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R Par




Camelot (1980), Paperback, 56 pages


Literal-minded Amelia Bedelia does household chores and gets dinner ready.

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56 p.; 5 x 0.25 inches

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LibraryThing member klc400
This could be a good book for children to learn more about having a job. The lady in the book takes everything too seriously, which makes the book so funny. I think it would be fun for children to be assigned a job just like Amelia Bedelia for a day. I think the children would love it and have so
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much fun participating in it.
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LibraryThing member t1bclasslibrary
Amelia Bedelia's at it again! This time she's been given a list of things to do, and, though Mrs. and Mr. Rogers are mad about the sponge cake (with sponges inside), she's gotten through and re-won their friendship with a delicious real cake.
LibraryThing member awidmer06
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Age Appropriateness: Primary-Intermediate
Review: This book is a good example of realistic fiction because the narrative presents a true depiction of life set in present day. Conflicts in this book are problems that people would perhaps face in real life. The story also gives
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insight to human nature and basic human interaction. In this story, Mr. and Mrs. Rogers leave for the day and give Amelia a list of chores to complete. Amelia gets right to work but completes the list in an unusual way, not as anyone else would have thought.
Media: This book is a good example of pen and pencil media because the figures and objects are outlined in black pen then embellished and filled in with colored pencil. By using colored pencils, the illustrations vary in color, shade, dimension, and have different lines. It brings more emphasis to detail, which captures the reader's eye.
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LibraryThing member lmaddux
A good book for beginner readers. 3rd grad and up. Teaches children ways of saying things that don't always have the literal meaning.
LibraryThing member amandawebster
When Mr. and Mrs. Rogers leave for the day and leave a list of chores, their mixed-up maid Amelia Bedelia gets to work and handles them in her usually wacky way. A cute series for young readers.
LibraryThing member gaylagoff
Great book for young children.
LibraryThing member clwalker
A busy day! Mr. and Mrs. Rogers leave for the day and give Amelia Bedelia a long list of chores to do. Not one to stand still, Amelia Bedelia gets right to work — with totally unexpected results!
LibraryThing member CasieBelaire
This book is very much like the other Amelia Bedelia book. Full of idioms. I would use it in the same way as the other Amelia Bedelia books in my library.




½ (54 ratings; 3.7)
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