Happy Haunting, Amelia Bedelia

by Herman Parish

Hardcover, 2004



Local notes

R Par




Greenwillow Books (2004), Library Binding, 64 pages


Amelia Bedelia tries to help Mr. and Mrs. Rogers with their Halloween party.

Physical description

64 p.; 9.36 inches

User reviews

LibraryThing member ruthe002
Amelia Bedelia's funny antics will amuse children and intrest them in this book. A great story for Halloween time, the text is easy to read and will help fledgling readers recognize text and words. The illustrations are large and coloful, and very descriptive of what the text is saying.
LibraryThing member LyndsayE82
Good story for rhyming and finding the meaning.
LibraryThing member DanielleMD
This is the first Amelia Bedelia book I've ever read. My mom never read them to me when I was a kid. Maybe because she knew I'd hate them.
Amelia basically messes up everything she touches, and it is annoying. Like, super annoying.
LibraryThing member ElainaBerger
This was a great book that talked about being kind to other people and has to do with Halloween.




(17 ratings; 3.4)
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