No More Monsters for Me! (I Can Read Book 1)

by Peggy Parish

Paperback, 1987



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HarperCollins (1987), Edition: Reprint, Paperback, 64 pages


Minneapolis Simpkin is not allowed to have a pet, so she finds the most unusual replacement.

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64 p.; 8.8 inches

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LibraryThing member t1bclasslibrary
Minneapolis Simpkin wants a pet, so when she discovers a baby monster all alone, she decides to adopt it. When it grows huge, she realizes her mistake, but her mother, not believing in monsters, promises her a pet as long as she gets rid of it. She does and they get two kittens- one for her and one
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for her mother.
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LibraryThing member tmarks
What would you do if you had a monster for a pet? The little girl in this story has one and it wont stop growing , see how she deals with that and her Mother not finding out!
LibraryThing member missbrandysue
Minneapolis Simpkin really wants a pet but her mother keeps saying no. One night while taking a walk she finds a small monster and takes him home. But Minneapolis puts him in the basement and he keeps eating all of their food, making him grow larger and larger. After arguing, Mother finally agrees
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to let Minneapolis have a pet but she must get rid of the monster. She takes him up to the dark hills where the monster finds his home, then Minneapolis and her mother go to the pet store to get kittens.

A good book for beginning second grade readers to read independently and great for children who love Peggy Parrish and her Amelia Bedelia books.
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