Horse Heroes: True Stories Of Amazing Horses (DK Readers Proficient Readers, 4)

by Kate Petty

Paperback, 1999



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R Pet




DK Publishing (1999), Edition: 0, Paperback, 48 pages


Tells seven stories of heroic and amazing horses.

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48 p.; 8.94 inches

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LibraryThing member mrsarey
Good look at various famous horses throughout the ages.
LibraryThing member Artsy_Reader
This book shows how horses have played a part in history and how they live around the world. It goes over the horses races such as the Kentucky Derby, and how famous horses are in the television business. The book tells of the horse family, such as the zebra and camels are considered to be horses.
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It also tells how one can do ballet, guard, and march in a band.

This is a great book for kids to learn about horses, but I noticed the author did not mention about the Equestrian shows where show horses are trained to jump, trot, etc. It also doesn’t tell of how some people use horses to play polo. I have always been a big horse fanatic, so I love the book anyway. I had gone to a few horse shows before and loved them. I myself am against horse races because I hate seeing the horses get whipped to run faster. I had gone to one in Texas when I was ten and refused to go to another. I, like most kids, would always ask for a horse for my birthday or Christmas. I never did get my horse, but I’m still hoping and wishing. I have ridden horses at different places around the U.S., but because of being an Army Brat, I never got to go a second time. I would always convince my parents I could keep a horse in the back yard, in my room, or in our small shed, but of course the mind of a child never really sees what their parents know. I had moved to the country at one point and met a farmer who told me it is actually good to have a donkey around because they will be the first to notice a coyote is around. I never stop learning about horses and other animals. I had been given this book when I was six along with a horse encyclopedia. I think that this book is also great for older kids and teens.

If I use this in a classroom, I would have the children write stories of how a horse would benefit in today’s America. I may also have a field trip to a ranch to see how farmers use their horses to wrestle cattle or to a rodeo or horse riding place.
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