Armies of Ants (Hello Reader!, Level 4)

by Walter Retan

Paperback, 1994



Local notes

R Ret



Scholastic Trade (1994), Paperback, 48 pages


Describes the physical characteristics, behavior, and habits of ants and discusses their ecological importance.

Physical description

48 p.; 6 x 0.25 inches


0590476165 / 9780590476164



User reviews

LibraryThing member Cottonwood.School
This fascinating look at a number of ant varieties and their lives touches on food gathering and production, rearing of young, and interaction with other ant species. Watercolor art is detailed and important to the lengthy text.
LibraryThing member Cdavie3
Armies of Ants by Walter Retan was an excellent informational children's book. This book is a great read for students for three important reasons. For starters, the language is clear and easy to follow while providing key academic language pertaining to the specifics of different species of ants. Walter Retan adds new academic language like, 'gastor' which is the part of the ant that is attached to its abdomen. Secondly, the plot of this book covers a vast range of aspects of the several species of ants, where certain ants live, what they eat, how they live within a colony and why they are important to the world. Finally, the illustrations guide the reader along with vivid images of the information presented on each page. Chapter 2 presents information on the different parts of the ant with a labeled visual of an ant and its body parts. Armies of Ants is an informational children's book that provides an array of interesting facts that pertain to many various species of ants.… (more)






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