Henry And Mudge And Annies Good Move

by Cynthia Rylant

Paperback, 2000



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R Ryl




Simon Spotlight (2000), Edition: Reprint, Paperback, 48 pages


When Henry's cousin Annie prepares to move in next door he and Mudge help calm her fears.

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48 p.; 9.07 inches

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In this installment in the adventures of Henry and his lovable giant dog, Mudge, the duo help Henry's cousin move into her new home across the street.

On their latest adventure, Henry and Mudge need to lend a helping hand to Henry's cousin, Annie. Annie and her father are moving into the house
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next-door, and Annie is very nervous about the change. Annie is from an entirely different world than Henry -- she likes pink, and dresses, and frilly things -- but it is clear that he cares about his cousin anyways. At one point, Annie becomes so nervous that she breaks out in hives after watching the movers carry in her boxes. In a very sweet moment, Henry has Mudge stay in the car with Annie to comfort her while he moves her things into her new home.

Henry and Mudge is one of the most beloved series of the "easy reader" set. As with all the books, "Annie's Good Move" mixes adventure and everyday situations with themes of friendship. In this story, Henry and Mudge forego having their own fun to help his cousin Annie move, knowing that the change has made her nervous. The fact that her parents have divorced is alluded to but never explicitly stated in the book, which makes Henry's care for her all the more touching. As always, the illustrations are fun, simple, and complement the text well. This book is recommended for children in K-2nd grade who have begun reading chapter books on their own.
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