Henry And Mudge And The Bedtime Thumps: Ready-To-Read Level 2 (Paper)

by Cynthia Rylant

Paperback, 1996



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R Ryl



Simon Spotlight (1996), Edition: Reprint, Paperback, 40 pages


Henry worries about what will happen to his big dog Mudge during their visit to his grandmother's house in the country.

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40 p.; 9.01 inches


0689801629 / 9780689801624



User reviews

LibraryThing member rachel3212
A cute story about a boy and his dog. The boy is scared of noises at night and needs his dog to sleep with him.
LibraryThing member Cottonwood.School
Henry worries about what will happen to his big dog Mudge during their visit to his grandmother's house in the country.
LibraryThing member cbpritchard
Henry and his family are on their way to the country to visit their grandmother with Henry's dog Mudge. Henry is excited, but he's nervous that Mudge will have to sleep outside. Mudge is too big for the grandmother's little house, so they will not let him sleep with Henry. Henry gets very scared being in a strange room alone, so he goes outside to sleep with Mudge.… (more)
LibraryThing member Remugnaini
Summary: Henry's family goes to his grandmother's house out in the country. Henry is worried about whether or not his grandmother will like his dog Mudge. His grandmother ends up loving Mudge. Unfortunately, she has to put him outside after he messes up things inside. Henry is forced to sleep alone.
This is a simple picture book that children will love. It's a great book to read when discussing poetic repetition or talking about pets.… (more)
LibraryThing member Cheryl_in_CC_NV
I have a lot of respect for Henry's mom. In some ways I want to be her, with a big porch & yard & trees, and long dresses and bare feet - but I don't want a huge slobbery dog, thank you.
LibraryThing member aabengtson
This is a wonderful story for beginning or emergent readers. The story is very easy to read and is of interest for that age group. This is a realistic fiction which tells about a young boy and his dog and the many things they hear during the night.
LibraryThing member adscrim
This is a sweet little book about the friendship and love between a boy and his dog. It is part of a series, but I still expected it to be stand alone, since it's not really a chapter book (it does have short "sections" though). It's not that I couldn't follow alone, I just thought there may be some info about Henry or Mudge that was given in a previous book that I was missing out on by reading the 9th book first. But it still was good, it had a good message that even if you do worry and those worries come true, they can be fixed.… (more)




(14 ratings; 4.1)
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