Nate the Great

by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat

Hardcover, 2002



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Delacorte Books for Young Readers (2002), Edition: 30 Anv, Hardcover, 64 pages


Nate the Great solves the mystery of the missing picture.

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64 p.; 8.76 inches

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LibraryThing member the_hag
I never did read any Nate the Great growing up...and what a shame. It's amazing that Sharmat can do so very much in terms of story and humor with so few words. It's great for beginner readers and uproariously funny as a read aloud story (especially if you can do the P.I. voice-over effect). This
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initial installment (I believe there are over 20 in this series) finds Nate the Great on hire for his friend Annie who has lost a favorite picture of her dog Fang. Nate is confidant that he can find the missing painting and sets out to systematically follow all the leads he's been given. He questions suspects and eventually tracks down the culprit, while enjoying meal after meal and snack after snack of, what else, but pancakes (his favorite food, of course).

This book is funny, charming and most of kids just LOVED it! I have a 6 year old and an 8 year old, sometimes story time is tough and we're having more and more trouble finding books that appeal to both a 6 year old by and an 8 year old girl! We'll be reading more Nate the Great, because they both found it hilarious and best of all, Girl easily read it to Boy several times after having it read to them as a bedtime story! Absolutely Hilarious, I give it an A+
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LibraryThing member matthewbloome
This was a very funny mystery. Very reminiscent of a couple of old TV shows, especially Dragnet with it's comically serious tone. Nate seems like a kid Joe Friday. I love his odd obsession with pancakes. It was all very amusing. I would gladly read this again. It is the sort of humor that a kid
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would get, but an adult would appreciate as well, maybe even a bit more than the kid. Very well done.
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LibraryThing member Sarah21123
Nate the Great is a detective with a mission. The book series is about his adventures on uncovering mysteries around his house and town.
LibraryThing member jscheper
Nate the Great is a young detective. One morning, after eating his morning pancakes, Annie called and asked for Nate's help in finding her picture. Nate searches Annie's room and her backyard for the picture. Nate eventually solves the case of the missing picture by noticing other pictures Annie's
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little brother has drawn. Annie's little brother ended up drawing over Annie's picture. Nate has solved another case.

This is a great read for a youngster who's into adventure or just a child who asks a lot of questions. Nate is a very realistic hero. The story is timeless but the illustrations are very dated with minimal use of color.
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LibraryThing member jaytuck.NW
I was actually not familiar with the Nate the Great books from my own childhood but I had a great time exploring the first of the series now, as an adult. Nate the Great seems like a classic character that kids in any generation will be able to relate to even if he doesn't even solve a case that
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involves any videogames. The text has very strong voice and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the delightful Nate the Great.
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LibraryThing member hshell
'Nate the Great' is about a young boy who loves to play detective. One day Nate gets a call from his friend Annie who needs his help. He uses his detective skills to help find her picture that she drew of her dog. Nate searches a few different places and finally finds it in Annie's little brother's
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room. He solves the case and is paid in pancakes.
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LibraryThing member ryann0423
This is a story about Nate who loves to play detective. He gets a call from a friend, Annie, and starts on his new case of finding the picture she drew of her dog. In the end Nate finds the drawing in Annie's little brothers bedroom. This book is filled with many words, but they are simple and flow
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in a manner that students can work through each page and it will challenge them. It would be great to use as a read aloud and then leave it for independent reading time once they have heard the words they will better be able to read them themselves.
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LibraryThing member hkent32
Short Summary: Nate is a funny character that loves pancakes and solving mysteries. It is an easy-reader book with accompanying drawings where Nate is on the hunt for his friend's drawing of her dog. The sentences are short and pretty easy to read, with maybe a few words that might be a little
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Personal Reflection: This was a cute story- I love Nate the Great! It's like a kids version of Sherlock Holmes and I like that he takes himself very seriously. Nate is a very realistic kid that kids can relate to. I would use this for independent reading and have kids write down any words they didn't know.
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LibraryThing member mcrook
This is story about a boy named Nate that believes he is a detective and likes to solve simple mysteries. His friend calls and asks him to help her find a picture of her dog that she had painted. He searches, questions and finally....he finds. He also loves to eat pancakes.
LibraryThing member ckelly16
I liked this book for two reasons. One reason was the way the author wrote it and developed the characters. I think that even though it is for young readers, the author was able to make the text mysterious and sound like a detective movie. Nate is a funny character who thinks that he is the best
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detective out there. He solves silly mysteries like finding lost objects for his friends. Readers can relate to the writing and the characters that the author created because solving a mystery is something that children, both boys and girls can participate in. The book is a transitional chapter book that can help children start to read longer books because of its use of adventure and comedy. The second reason I liked the book was the way the illustrator used the illustrations on each page. Although the book is a little older and pictures aren’t as colorful, they really bring out the characters’ personalities and connect to the text. They can help readers who are just starting chapter books, by keeping each page looking interesting. Overall, the big idea of the story is to fulfill children’s imaginations for adventure and mystery.
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LibraryThing member luckbell
We loved it. Daughter and I.
LibraryThing member csteve13
Summary: Nate the Great is a story about a boy named Nate who pretends to be a detective. One morning, Nate is eating breakfast when his friend Annie calls him and asks him to help her find a missing picture. Nate goes over to Annie's house and asks her multiple questions about the picture she
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made, including who else saw it. Annie told him that her dog, her friend and her brother were the only people who saw the picture. Nate first thought the dog took the picture so they searched in the backyard. Nate then thought the friend took it so they looked at the friends house. Finally, Nate questioned Annie's little brother and found the picture hanging on his wall.

Argument: I thought this book was an interesting book about finding missing things and using clues to do so. Nate proved to be a great friend by going over to Annie's right away and helping her find her missing picture. It also is a great story about pretending to be something and using imagination. Nate is not a "real detective" but through his imagination, he pretends he is and has his friends believing the same thing. Nate even dresses the part and talks like a detective. The central message of this book is about using your imagination but also being a good friend. Going on detective cases is something Nate likes to do which goes along with helping his friends. I think children would copy the idea Nate has to be a detective and to use clues and question to help find missing items.
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LibraryThing member corzel1
I found this book to be cute and funny. I liked this book for two reasons. The first reason was the authors writing it and development of the characters. I found that even though this book is for young readers, the author was able to make the text mysterious and read like a true mystery book. I
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found Nate’s character to be hilarious, he is just a young boy with such large dreams. Nate solves silly mysteries like finding lost objects for his friends, yet he thinks he is the best detective in the world. The author uses words easy enough for young children just starting read chapter books. The language usage is great so that a child does not get overwhelmed by words or too frightened to read. The author makes the writing child friendly, so that they can relate. I remember pretending to be a detective or spy when I was a child and “solving mysteries”. This is a story that both girls and boy can relate to because each participate in games, ie. solving mysteries. The second reason I enjoyed this book is because of the way the illustrator used the pictures on each page to help tell the story. Although, the book is a little older and pictures are not as colorful, they really bring out each character’s individual personality and connect with the text perfectly. The pictures help the readers follow along with the book by connecting each picture to the reading while keeping it interesting. The central message of this book is about using your imagination but also being a good friend.
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LibraryThing member adriennelaine
This fiction novel is another great introduction to early chapter books. I would say that the genre is a beginning reader, mystery/detective novel. Nate the Great describes the adventures of Nate, a child detective ready to solve the mysteries that come his way.
LibraryThing member iamryancorcoran
excellent books to help students learn how to problem solve and think logically.
LibraryThing member Veronica.Sparrow
My children have always raved about Nate the Great so I decided to grab one of their summer reading books to take a look at what they are talking about.
Nate the Great is a private detective who takes on a new case. His friend Annie's picture has gone missing and it is up to Nate to sleuth out what
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happened to it.
This is a beginning readers book and as such it is very simply written for young children. It is a wonderful introduction to the detective mystery. It is enough to keep a child's attention and introduce words for this age group
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LibraryThing member NMiller22
Super-detective Nate tracks down Annie's missing picture and finds a lost cat in the bargain.
LibraryThing member brennarich
Nate is a boy who loves pancakes. He's also a detective who has located balloons, slippers, chickens and other items during his career. Nate is eating pancakes for breakfast when his friend Annie calls for help finding a missing painting.

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