The Puppy Who Wanted A Boy

by Jane Thayer

Other authorsLisa McCue (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 1985



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William Morrow (1985), Edition: Revised updated, Hardcover


When Petey the puppy decides that he wants a boy for Christmas, he discovers that he must go out and find one on his own.


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9.2 inches

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LibraryThing member Heather19
This a very cute story about a stray puppy who wants someone to love him and care for him.
LibraryThing member kimbrady
This is a Christmas story about a puppy who wants a boy of his own to love. Petey the puppy goes searching for a boy, but finds they are mostly taken by by other dogs. Children will enjoy this slightly silly story in which text and illustrations are considered from a "dog's eye view." This is a
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weekly reader "Reading Rainbow" book, probably selected for its fun story which is readable and relevant to elementary-aged readers. Dog-loving children will especially love it-- but beware-- they may wind up asking to be some puppy's boy or girl! I would recommend this book as an addition to a school or public library children's collection.
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LibraryThing member MarthaL
An old favorite. I have read this Christmas dog story dozens of times to early elementary students. Second graders love to read it themselves. Bought used for my own grandson.
LibraryThing member Kathdavis54
A young puppy just wants a boy for Christmas, but his mother can't find any. He goes on a journey to find one and finds love. A charming story about a puppy trying to find his place in the world.
LibraryThing member sdbookhound
Truly beautiful story of love.
LibraryThing member SABC
When Petey the puppy decides that he wants a boy for Christmas, he discovers that he must go out and find one on his own.
LibraryThing member awoodham93
Petey wants a boy for Chirstmas so badly, and he has been a very good puppy this year. But Petey's mother cant find any boys this year. Petey is very sad, so he decides to go out and look for a boy himself. Petey askes many dogs if they would want to give their boy away, but they all say no.
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Finally, Petey comes across a Home for Boys, and sees a vey lonely boy sitting on the steps. Petey runs up, jumps in his lap, and kisses him! The little boy begs to keep Petey, and is allowed to bring him inside. Inside, Petey is welcomed by many other boys, and Petey ends up getting fifty boys for Christmas!
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LibraryThing member rekrumrie
predictable, picture book, puppy, tone, Christmas, boys
this is about a puppy that asks his mom for a boy for Christmas and then he goes out to find one and ask other dogs if they would give away their boys. None want to, but the puppy finds a boy outside of Home of Boys and gets fifty boys for
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LibraryThing member cduke3
"The Puppy Who Wanted a Boy" by Jane Thayer is a wonderful Christmas story. I liked this book for a couple of reasons. The first reason I liked this book was melding of a contemporary realistic fiction genre with modern fantasy. In real life, the animals would not be able to talk to each other
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making this book modern fantasy, but I liked the contemporary realism that was in the story. The animals cannot talk to humans so the little boy cannot talk with his new pet, and in the real world, it is completely plausible for an orphan to find a stray puppy and adopt him. I also liked the man character, Petey (the puppy). While reading the story and going through his journey, I was rooting for Petey to find his boy. Finally, the writing was done really well. It would be challenging enough for a young reader, without overwhelming him/her. I also liked the variety of sentences and punctuation. Some sentences were short, while some were longer and more complex. There were questions, exclamations, and statements. This would be a great book to work on fluency and reading inflection. For example, the author writes, "'Well, who wants to go riding is a car? Not me!' said Petey, coming out from behind the house." The big idea of this book is never give up if you really want something. Perseverance will pay off.
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LibraryThing member LisaMarie214
Petey is the puppy in the story and all he want's for Christmas is a boy. Petey try's to find a home but it seems like every boy he finds already has a dog. Then Petey finds a boys home and finds a group of boys that take care of him and love him.
LibraryThing member NMiller22
When Petey the puppy decides that he wants a boy for Christmas, he discovers that he must go out and find one on his own.


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