Girls: A History of Growing Up Female in America

by Penny Colman

Hardcover, 2000



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Scholastic (2000), Edition: First Printing, Hardcover, 192 pages


Traces the history of growing up female in America as told by the girls themselves in journals, household manuals, letters, slave narratives, and other primary sources.

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192 p.; 10.32 inches

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LibraryThing member Michaela.Bushey
This informational text by Penny Colman chronicles the way women and girls have lived and been treated in America since before the earliest settlers arrived up to the 21st century. She includes entries from diaries, excerpts from magazines and newspapers, and historical events. Through the
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hardships, sorrows, injustices, joys, and triumphs, it is clear that women have had an integral part in our nation's history and have indeed come a long way in the struggle for equality.

In a classroom, this book could be used as a resource for social studies units focused on basically any period in American history. It gives a distinctly feminine point of view, which is important since it is often ignored or glossed over. This book would be especially empowering to older elementary girls and important for boys to read in order to be aware and understanding of the female experience. Some of the language and vocabulary used could make this book a challenging read, but with some additional support, it would be very accessible.
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