Shh! We're Writing the Constitution

by Jean Fritz

Hardcover, 1987





Putnam Juvenile (1987), Edition: First Edition, Hardcover, 64 pages


Describes how the Constitution came to be written and ratified. Also includes the full text of the document produced by the Constitutional Convention of 1787.

Original publication date

1987 (copyright)

Physical description

64 p.; 9.21 inches


0399214038 / 9780399214035



User reviews

LibraryThing member HollyBrunner
Will be used during our study of the Constitutional Convention. Very readable with interesting stories and information included among important historical events. Great illustrations!
LibraryThing member themulhern
Distinctive Jean Fritz narrative. Fun and informative. Tomie de Paola illustrated a lot of her books and was a good choice with this and others.
LibraryThing member SqueakyChu
I'm not saying everyone should learn about the writing of the United States Constitution through this book. However, being the frustrated student in American history that I was as a kid (I could never memorize names, places, or dates), I found this a terrific book. I think it is especially relevant to the present because I see so many challenges to the Constitution that I feel it is important to learn as much about it as I can.

I didn't seek this book out. It found me! It came as a donation to my Little Free Library. As I was about to release it to children in my neighborhood, I was interested enough in the book title and the amusing cover art of patriots in their black and white garb (and some with wigs) that I thought I'd browse through its pages. That didn't happen. Instead, I sat down to read the whole book. I'm glad I did. The story of the statesmen who came together to write the Constitution was an educational read, but also quite a lot of fun with excellent and often funny pictures by Tomie dePaola (whose artwork I knew from the days when my own kids were small) and tidbits of interesting information to complement the main thrust of the story.

This book not only provided me the incentive to read the Constitution, it also provided a full copy of the Constitution itself for me to read. I read it out loud so that I could understand it more fully. I think this may have been the first time that I actually ever read the entire U.S. Constitution, and I am seventy years old now. It was about time! Thank you, Jean Fritz and Tomie dePaola.
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LibraryThing member wichitafriendsschool
This factual gem that's written with Jean Fritz's humorous touch chronicles the hot summer of 1787 where fifty-five delegates from thirteen states huddled together in the strictest secrecy in Philadelphia to draw up the constitution of the United States!




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