Mummies Made in Egypt

by Aliki

Hardcover, 1979



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932 Ali





HarperCollins (1979), Library Binding, 32 pages. Purchased in 1998. $14.89.


Describes the techniques and the reasons for the use of mummification in ancient Egypt.

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32 p.; 10.34 inches

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LibraryThing member marciaskidslit
This book teaches children the art of mummification in the ancient Egyptian culture. Egyptians believed that when someone died they would live in their tombs on earth but travel to live with gods and goddesses in another world. The ceremonial customs, rituals, and symbols are curriculum connections
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for young children.
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LibraryThing member CLCrothers
Mummies gives graphic detailing about mummification and how the process was done thousands of years ago. Egyptians believed that when a person died they went on to another life, so their bodies were preserved and they were buried with food to take on to the next life. The tombs were marked with
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heiroglyphics and elaborately decorated.

As a girl, I was very intrigued by Egypt and the way of the Egyptians thousands of years ago. I had one book in particular about a young lady who was a slave in Egypt in the times of Pharaohs, so I thought that this book would be especially interesting.

As a classroom extension, I would have the students draw a picture of the part of the book they liked the best and write one descriptive sentence about that picture.
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LibraryThing member alv003
Aliki describes the mummification process and uses great illustration to describe.
LibraryThing member kls058
Provides students between the ages of 9-12 information on mummies made in the past. Pictures are great, and the text is very interesting. Mummies are something that most students are very interested in, and this book provides a lower level text to give students an understanding of mummification,
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symbols, and reasoning.
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LibraryThing member crashingwaves38
I thought that this was a pretty good summary of mummification. It hit on a little bit of the history and changes of it, the aspects of the burial, a little bit about why they did mummification, all without getting too long or getting too involved in the explanation.
LibraryThing member lmhudson
This book made it fun and interesting to learn the facts about making mummies. It provided interesting pictures of the events that take place during the mummification, and little passages or notes about them. I found this book to be very educational and also fun at the same time.
LibraryThing member wichitafriendsschool
Describes the techniques and the reasons for the use of mummification in ancient Egypt.




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