Love, Stargirl

by Jerry Spinelli

Hardcover, 2007



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Knopf Books for Young Readers (2007), Edition: First Edition, Hardcover, 274 pages. $16.99.


Still moping months after being dumped by her Arizona boyfriend Leo, fifteen-year-old Stargirl, a home-schooled free spirit, writes "the world's longest letter" to Leo, describing her new life in Pennsylvania.

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LibraryThing member stephxsu
Several years ago Jerry Spinelli introduced to the international stage the extraordinary Stargirl Caraway, who took our breaths away with her uniqueness and utterly fascinating character. Now Stargirl is back, and this time she’s telling her own story—in the world’s longest letter to her
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ex-boyfriend, Leo.

In her new town in a whole other state, Stargirl meets a variety of interesting characters. There’s Dootsie, her best friend, who’s six years old and like a mini-Stargirl. Betty Lou, their neighbor, hasn’t been out of her house for nine years. Eleven-year-old Alvina works at Margie’s Donut Shop, beats up boys, and is a self-proclaimed “rotten kid.” Charlie sits by his wife Grace’s grave every day. And Perry Delloplane is an arrogant thief and has a harem, but Stargirl just can’t stop thinking about him.

In addition to the eccentric people, Stargirl of course finds her enchanted places and does her selfless deeds. But is she ever really happy? For Leo Borlock—the boy who broke her heart, who chose to be accepted by society over being with her—is always on her mind, and Stargirl doesn’t know what to do about him…if there is anything that can be done.

LOVE, STARGIRL does not disappoint dedicated Stargirl fans, which I am extremely grateful for. In this book, you get to know Stargirl inside and out: her fears, her weaknesses, her insecurity, what makes her happy. Stargirl ceases to be an impossibly invulnerable character, and her three dimensions gain more clarity, but she never stops being a delight.
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LibraryThing member missmath144
This delightful home schooled girl, who calls herself Stargirl, writes a letter that will never be sent to the boy who dumped her and who now lives in another state. I particularly enjoyed her Calendar Hill project, where she created her own winter solstice calendar by planting spatulas in the
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ground every Thursday morning at sunrise to create an arc that traced the sun's movement.
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LibraryThing member meastwold
This is a wonderful book about heartache and starting over. Stargirl is a well rounded character that grows and matures right in front of the readers eyes. It is a great source of realistic fiction.
LibraryThing member numbert
The excellent sequal to Jerry Spinelli's book "Stargirl". This book is actually a giant letter from stargirl to Leo so you get the know the Stargirl charector much more. This book is more about story and less about makeing comments on society but dont worry it comes with your daily dose of morals
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too. An absolute must read(AFTER STARGIRL) for anyone(not just girls)
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LibraryThing member readaholic12
Almost as good as Stargirl, which is a must read before reading Love, Stargirl. Same Stargirl, struggling to find her place in the world, collecting quirky or lonely characters along the way. I found this an easy, touching read, and a nice follow up to the original. I love Stargirl's quest for
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quiet magical moments, and that she shares the magic with so many she meets.
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LibraryThing member GaylDasherSmith
I still love this character, but this was such a step down from the original, which I adored.
LibraryThing member ethelmertz
Great book, Stargirl doesn't seem as wacky when she is the protagonist. When will Stargirl and Leo reunite?
LibraryThing member goldiebear
This book took me longer than I expected, considering this book is technically for teenagers. I loved Stargirl and this book was no disappointment as a follow up. The language in these books for one, is spectacular. You never quite know where the book is going to go. I loved, loved, loved the
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characters in this book. Dootsie is my favorite, but they are all so vivid. The relationships between the characters is both touching and real. Nothing is fake, which I appreciated. I loved the books now as an adult and if I were a teenager, I am sure these would have been my absolute favorites. This was beautifully written.
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LibraryThing member francescadefreitas
I listened to this on CD, an excellent reading by Mandy Siegfried. I wasn't aware that it was a sequel, and I don't think the story suffered by my lack of background knowledge. I grew fond of Stargirl quickly, although I never did take to Dootsie. The story always went slightly to the side of what
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I expected, which was lovely. Now off to read the first book, which alas, has now been terribly spoiled!
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LibraryThing member CarlyS4
I read this book before I read the first one and it made little sense to me...... so I recommend that you read the first one first and then this one!!! Even though it made little sense I still liked this book.
LibraryThing member zodox5
Another fantastic by Jerry Spinelli about a girl thats in love with two boys.
LibraryThing member jh127876
Love, Stargirl” is the sequel to Jerry Spinelli’s “Stargirl”. “Love, Stargirl” has many differences than “Stargirl” one of which is that Stargirl herself is the main protagonist in this installment. “Love, Stargirl” steers away from the main idea of its predecessor in nearly all
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aspects but the idea of love. Another interesting thing to note is that this narrative tells a story in a dairy format. Stargirl is writing the story threw her diary which is written for her one true love Leo. In this story Stargirl is a “setter righter” where she goes about fixing peoples hearts, although she does not always accomplish the things she would like to. She is also much more accepted in “Love, Stargirl” there are few concepts of conformity and popularity. Instead the story focuses on Stargirls uniqueness, her wonderful heart, and the pain and challenges she is going threw.
I had unrealistic hopes for the sequel to “Stargirl.” I wanted so much for this book that the author would had to have written “Love, Stargirl” just for me if everything I wanted to happen in this story was to happen. So it’s a little hard for me to be objective. I do not think most people will like “Love, Stargirl” as much as the first book “Stargirl,” however I do believe they will still love it. I really appreciated the story it just did not have the best ending in my opinion.
Some extensions would be to take a class fieldtrip and have an activity Stargirl might participate in. There is also the idea of making sundial watches since the story is centered around the solstices.
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LibraryThing member kmasterson07
This is a great example of a sequel being as good or better than a first book. If you love Stargirl you will love this book. I listened to it on audio and it really brought the book to life. I wonder if I would have loved it as much if I had just read it. Rarely do I feel that way. I usually feel
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the opposite. The new characters in this book are lively and fun. Stargirl is the only character that really comes though from the other book. Her parents become more fleshed out than in the last book where they were an afterthought. The young character of Dootsie really brings the book forward being almost as important to the story as Stargirl. She fills us in on Stargirl's background as she mirrors her personality.
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LibraryThing member SandSing7
The narrator was intuitive, imaginative, and funny character, but it wasn't Stargirl. She left after the first book, and Spinelli didn't quite find her here. None-the-less, Love, Stargirl is a good book in and of itself full of creative, endearing "Spinelli-esque" characters.
LibraryThing member 4sarad
A very cute story. I think we were all hoping to know more about Stargirl after the first book, so this book was very well accepted. I was a little disappointed that Leo was not in this book, but somehow that made the book even more real. In real life, the boy separated from the girl does not show
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up suddenly at the perfect moment as a surprise and they don't get back together and move to the same town again and live happily ever after. This was a much more realistic book with a realistic ending. Not sad, but hopeful. I enjoyed it a great deal.
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LibraryThing member MrStevens
Enjoyable. Teaches kids about coping with love and disappointment. I too believe in writing as a form of therapy. I didn't enjoy it as much as Stargirl.
LibraryThing member sarahlouise
This book was depressing and bizarre. I doubt I will finish it--the book from the boy's perspective (Star Girl) was more interesting. She's too flaky and all over the place to be a good narrator.
LibraryThing member cutelove123
A really good story about a homeschooled girl trying to figure out the ways of love. She gets mixed up between love and friendship. Its a really nice story. It had other characters who helped her along and made the story exciting. I enjoyed this book a whole lot.
LibraryThing member salinarose
This time written as the world's longest letter by Stargirl, she writes to Leo, her once, and first, love.
LibraryThing member CAJavier
"Love, Stargirl" is about a 13-year-old girl named 'Stargirl' who talks about how she meets new people in her new setting and how she falls for a new guy, Perry. However, she's still attached to her love from her past home, Leo. Although, it's not just about love in this novel, it's also
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about her experiences as being home-schooled.
The main character of 'Love, Stargirl' is the 13-year-old' girl, Susan, also known as 'Stargirl'. Stargirl is a unique type of girl, she isn't like any ordinary girl you would see walking down the street. She doesn't keep her opinions inside, she speaks her mind whenever she has the opportunity to. Stargirl begins to change in the story as she meets more of the characters. For example, when she meets Dootsie Pringle, a 5-year-old girl, who soon becomes her best friend. She begins to change as when she starts to learn how to let her past go, and go along with her life. My opinion on Stargirl would be that she is my favorite out of all of the characters. Stargirl is my favorite because she is very unique and is able to do things on her own. As for myself, I can't do everything on my own because I depend on others once in awhile. Something that reminds me of my own life would be how Stargirl takes awhile to let one person go, which is Leo. Just like myself, I had to learn how to let people go. However, it didn't take me that long to let that person go. I learned that people come and go through out your life.
I would recommend this book to girls who like to read about life, not just as a fairy tale or anything, but as just living life as it goes. Like, there would be a few things to come in the way, but seeing how others can handle all the problems.
If this novel would turn into a movie, I think that Stargirl, Dootsie, and Perry would be the three main characters.
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LibraryThing member madelinelbaker
This book is a good example of realistic fiction because Jerry Spinelli continues with the character Stargirl from a previous novel "Stargirl". The character stargirl is a fictional character, but the events that take place could happen and Spinelli uses these events to show the readers how to move
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on even after a broken heart, because people do really get their hearts broken.
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LibraryThing member chron002
This book is for an older reader. Her family is moving, whole life is changing. Great book for pre-teens growing up. Thought it was a cute book and would recommend it to teens.
LibraryThing member NikkiHearts
Truly a life changing book, at least to me it was. It really makes you think about the true meaning of life and how we should 'live each day as our last'. Even though Stargirl is a fictional character, the idea of her personality lives in each one of us.
There's a little Stargirl in all of us.
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Every one of us wants to stand out and be different and take a risk.
Many of us, though, are unwilling to do so because of peer presure, in this book, Stargirl knew she was different and accepted it.

A great book, one of the best in the world.
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LibraryThing member mrsdwilliams
Stargirl's story continues in the form of "the longest letter ever," a series of letters to Leo that Stargirl writes over the course of the year following her breakup with Leo.

Stargirl and her family move from Arizona to Pennsylvania and Stargirl resumes her homeschool routine. At first, she is
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constantly sad (only five pebbles left in her happy wagon). She misses Leo and every day brings a new memory of him. Gradually, as she gets to know her bizarre but lovable neighbors, Stargirl comes back to herself and recaptures her joy in life. Her solstice project helps her heal and brings together all of the people she loves.

A heartwarming reminder to live for RIGHT NOW. Sequel to Stargirl and, in my opinion, even better. Highly recommended!
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LibraryThing member lppeters
This was a wonderful sequel to Jerry Spinelli's book 'Stargirl'. Although it only involves one side of the love story we read about in his first book between Stargirl and Leo, it engages the reader by reading like we know how Leo would be responding. This book sized 'letter' tells us about
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Stargirl's everyday quirky and unique characteristics that made the audience fall in love with her from the beginning. This book is a great read that could easily be read time and time again!
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