Eulalia: A Tale from Redwall

by Brian Jacques

Hardcover, 2007



Local notes

Fic Jac




Philomel Books (2007), Edition: 1st, Hardcover, 389 pages


On his way to invade Redwall Abbey, vicious and tyrannical Captain Vizka Longtooth captures Gorath, the brave young badger whose predicted destiny is to become the next Badger Lord.

Original publication date

2007 (original)
2008 (Russian translation)

Physical description

389 p.; 9.32 inches

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LibraryThing member cdougherty221
This book is one of my most favorite books and was just as good as the others in the Redwall series. I'm always glad when Brian Jaqcues has the good beasts win and the villians die. It seems that everytime at least one good beast dies but that makes the story more interesting. Brian Jaqcues's work
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is amazing at how vivid his details are which can sometimes be not so good. This book had a perfect plotline and ended just as I hoped.
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LibraryThing member kings7
I like this collection of books
LibraryThing member sriemann
I know there are onlya few books left in the series, sadly, so I am treasuring each of them as I go along.
LibraryThing member LeslitGS
Gorath is a young farming badger from the north who has been captured by sea vermin
When Redwall Abbey is set upon by both Vizka Longtooth the pirate and Gruntan Kurdly, Gorath, Orkwill and (the Hon.) Mad Maudie must unite forces with all of the other creatures to defend their home and freedom.
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Yeah, a spotty synopsis, but maybe you'll be interested. The last few Redwall novels I've read have felt kind of lackluster, like Jaques is just churning them out and losing the creativity and fun that made the series so awesome to begin with. They felt formulaic. Now, it might be that I haven't read one of these books for over a year, or it might be that Jaques brought back the mystical aura of Redwall. I dunno. But if you're going to try one of the series, this one isn't bad.
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