The Land of Elyon Book #0: Into the Mist

by Patrick Carman

Hardcover, 2007



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Scholastic Press (2007), Edition: First Edition, Hardcover, 304 pages


Captain Roland Warvold tells Alexa and Yipes about the adventures he shared with his brother Thomas in Elyon, before the wall went up and divided the world in two.

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304 p.; 7.3 inches

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LibraryThing member elbakerone
As the fourth book in the Land of Elyon series (Dark Hills Divide, Valley of the Thorns, The Tenth City), Into the Mist also serves as a prequel to Patrick Carman's enchanting fantasy novels.

Heroine Alexa Daley and her friend Yipes are currently on board the sailing ship Warwick Beacon, but the
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book is soon taken over by the story within the story as captain Roland Warvold relates the history of his adventures as a young boy with his brother Thomas. The Warvold brothers' tale provides insight into the events of the previous novels, but this book could easily be enjoyed before reading the others as no spoiler information about Alexa's adventures is given.

Carman is an excellent storyteller and does a good job of weaving thought provoking dialog into his tales. The characters of Into the Mist are every bit as captivating and intriguing as those of the other books. Overall this was a great story that will leave readers eager for even more stories from the Land of Elyon.
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LibraryThing member Bryon.Hancock
Into the mist is a book is what happen before all the books. This book is about two boys called Thomas and Roland. They had no family. They run away from their life which was pick things that are valuable and give it there headmaster, which takes to the towm and gets money. They travel through
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forests, that nobody ventures because they think that it is cursed. They travel with a mountain lion who finds it's home. Thomas and Roland find Wakefield a man that is intellingent.
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LibraryThing member parkang
Before I read this book sooner, I didn't know there's the last book called The land of Elyon: Stargazer so I read that book. After I read that book, I started reading this book," Into the mist." This is my favorite fantasy book series because there's great characters in this book that are special
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and there's details that's talking about amazing places. Alexa, Roland and Thomas Warvold are my favorite characters because they're kind of special to me. I wanted to read,"Into the Mist" last because to me it's better. I will never forget about this series I liked
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