The Land of Elyon Book #3: Tenth City

by Patrick Carman

Paper Book, 2006



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Orchard Books (2006), Edition: First Edition, Hardcover, 208 pages


Alexa reveals the origin of the Land of Elyon while defending it against the evil Abaddon and his sinister forces, with not only the last Jocasta at stake but also the nature of the land itself.


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208 p.; 7.2 inches

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LibraryThing member JeremyCarlson
Alexa Daley is the one. She is the one for the most powerful mission to come across. She sails on a boat called "The Warvick Beackon". She sails with Warvold, and Rolands brother the captain. Alexa Daley's mission is to save a city that Warvold has been searching for his whole life. Alexa has to
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rescue this city and she is the only one to rescue the city. Alexas' friend betrays her on her journey to the Tenth City. Alexa has a stone. A stone that she can talk to animals through. She can also talk to Elyon through the wind. Elyon controls the land of Elyon, and is fighting Abaddan and Victor Grindale. Victor Grindale and Abaddan are the ones that want to destroy The Tenth City, and this city Alexa Daley has to find and rescue before they destroy it.

I thought this book was exciting. Patrick Carman has fascinating ideas that he wrote about his book. He tells in the book the many little details that help you find out the conclusion of what Alexa's Daley has to do, to rescue the land of The Tenth City. This is Patrick Carmans 3rd book of the Land of Elyon. The greatest part of all is when Alexa's Daley's close friend betrays her to help the enemy find the Tenth City. I absolutely enjoyed this book the the very best possible.
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LibraryThing member jians
Elyon is leading Alexa toward an answer, but not just answer, also a risk of her life! Can Alexa defeat Victor Grindall but also save Yipes.
LibraryThing member Bryon.Hancock
Alexa just finished with fight against the ogres. Before Grindall leaves, the leader of the ogres, took Yipes with them and telling her that he wants the Jocasta in three days. That in book 2. In book three their goals is get yipes from grrindall. They are able to sucessfully to get Yipes but Alexa
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had a plan with odessa, a wolf. Alexa's plan is to seem as odessa has betrayed us and grandall captures us. Alexa did this because she heard the voice of Eylon. The group that was on Alexa's team were very confused about this. So Grindall takes the Jocasta because it is suppose to lead them around in a deep mist. Every is going as plan but Warvold dies, Alexa's very close friend. They leave Warvold behind a continue. Alexa couldn't save her very close friend because she was tied up. Once they come inview of eylon which Grindall is trying to destroy, but graindall gets a surprise that he didn't expect. There waiting for him was a deep black that took grindall down there where all bad people go. Once they are free from the orges and grindall, Armon, the giant goes back and gets Warvold. Armon and Warvold Pasted through elyon, is like heaven and warvold came back to life. Then Warvold tells Alexa that he is her father. When she went back home to her fake parent she saw them differently but with the some love.

I like this book because after reading the first and second then you have to continue the series if your really interested. The author back nice and easy to understand. It a page turner and it give me a picture of what the author is saying. I can't wait to read the four book.
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LibraryThing member Auntie-Nanuuq
This is the last book of the trilogy ( which now has a fourth book in it) and as the others it was filled with adventure, suspense, good & evil, and mystical events.

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