The Land of Elyon Book #2: Beyond the Valley of Thorns

by Patrick Carman

Hardcover, 2005



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Orchard Books (2005), Edition: 1st, Hardcover, 221 pages


When thirteen-year-old Alexa embarks on a mysterious quest, she finds her old friends Yipes the little man, Murphy the squirrel, Odessa the wolf, and Squire the hawk have been designated to help her.


Triple Crown Awards (Nominee — 2008)

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221 p.; 7.71 inches

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LibraryThing member hoosgracie
Alexa's adventures continue as she travels out of the walled city. Good children's fantasy.
LibraryThing member YV21
Alexa Daley is up for another summer in Birdewell with her father and it is becoming less play and more work for her. Then one day she is just sitting in the library when she hears a knock on her door and what do you know, it's Yipes her companion! He takes her to a cave where she meets a man named
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John Christopher and it is there that she sees an ancient treasure, the last Jocasta. After that, she goes on a long journey past the Valley of thorns and into Castalia. She makes a plot to stop Victor Grindall going into his 11th Reign. Right when she was about to win, he just disappears in a boat in the distance. After that it just says "to be continued" Which is pretty pathetic
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LibraryThing member mitchellf3
id like to give this book 6 stars but i cant. you must read the first book to get it really well. outstanding and a good ending but is partially sad. dont get worked over it when you read it. the "person" lives. great action and storyline.
LibraryThing member lon2000
Book # 2 in the land of Eylon series. This book is more serious than the first. Alexa is on a new quest with a wolf (odessa), Murphy, a kind giant, Yipes and new friend John. She is told more about Elyon, his creations, and his enemy Abaddon. The seriphs Elyon created are overcome by Abaddons evil
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power and become evil giants. The giants are ruled by evil Victor Grindall. She is given the last Jocasta, and finds out more about who people in her past were. There are no puzzles , or secret tunnels in this book, but there is a great twist as we find out more about who is alive and who is dead. The theme of a creator, good and evil are more pronounced in this book.
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LibraryThing member JeremyCarlson
Alexa Daley has received a letter from Warvold before his death. This letter includes a mission that she is responsible to overcome. She uses her friends that she gets on her way of her journey including Yipes, Murphy, Oddessa, Jhon, and lastly the giant Armon. They overcome these powerfull fights
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that she has to do, and on her way she finds Warvold's wife (Catherine). They find her and they end up finding Warvold, he had never died in the first place. They use Warvold's brother's boat to overcome Abbadon, the horrible giant, that just set to sea. All what Abbadon wants is the stone Alexa's Daley holds over her neck. This is when the fight begins.

My opinion about this book is it was amazing. There was many graphics and ideas that the author thought about. I don't think that the author could have done better job. I think that everybody should read this amazing book, because it will change your life forever. The author also had good animation ideas that came to me as in talking to animal from a stone of rock. This book is the second book of the Land of Elyon.
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LibraryThing member jians
Alexa is back again! She is back in Bridewell and thinks everything will work out! But when she has another unexpected visit from an old friend she turns frantic! This time she has a hundred more important job!
LibraryThing member Bryon.Hancock
Alexa is continued her adventure. His now travels with Yipe, odessa, a wolf, murphy, a squrril, Squire, a hawk and there guided John Christopher. Alexa's old jocasta had no more value but recieved a new jocasta. This new jocasta was special because not only could you speak to animals but also was
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able to hear the voice of Eylon. There quest is to overthrow Grindal. Grindal is controled by Abaddon who is the like the devil. Grindall has orges, infected giants. there second part of theere quest is to free a captive. They are to join with the last giants there are, Armon. Once they join up with Armont they walk arcoss the valley of the thorns. Once they were able to see the land of Castalia. They sneak into the city to retrive meat to give to the wolf so that they were on there side. Along the way John dies because of saving Alexa. She back the bad news. They contiue to plan on what they should do. they decide to kill the orges guarding the outside the walls. then slowly kill the one inside the wall and then they attackthe tower that Grindal is in. Grindal is already prepared. when he leaves by jumping out the window he makes the tower fall down. but they had enough time to get The prisoner and a mysterious prisoner out in time. these prisoners are renny and her husband Warvold. Warvold had drank a pretend poison. he tried to save her wife but failed. In the end everyone is safe Alexa goes back home.

I like this book because of the writer and the image he gives me. I like the way he thinks and writes. His writing is a page turner for me. IU can't wait to read the tenth city, the next book in the series.
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LibraryThing member Auntie-Nanuuq
I liked this very much, more adventures of Alexa and her forest denizen friends. Adventure, suspense, and friendship...all in the name of saving the Land of Elyon.

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