Clementine's Letter

by Sara Pennypacker

Paperback, 2009



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Disney-Hyperion (2009), Edition: Reprint, Paperback, 160 pages


Clementine's beloved teacher, Mr. D'Matz might be leaving for the rest of the year to go on a research trip to Egypt. The only solution, she decides, is to hatch a plan to get Mr. D'Matz back even if it means ruining his once-in-a-lifetime chance.

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160 p.; 7.5 inches

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LibraryThing member foggidawn
In the third installment of the Clementine series, Sara Pennypacker's plucky heroine continues to delight.

Clementine is finally getting the hang of third grade -- thanks to Mr. D'Matz, her understanding teacher. When Principal Rice announces that Mr. D'Matz may be leaving for the rest of the year
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to participate in an archaeological dig, Clementine doesn't think that this sounds like a good idea at all!

Throughout the book, Clementine tries to do the right thing, but she finds that she often gets in trouble because she doesn't think through the consequences of her actions. So, when she gets a great idea for a way to keep Mr. D'Matz from leaving her class for the rest of the year, she dives right in, barely suspecting that she will regret her impulsive decision later.

Clementine's antics will delight old fans as well as those who have just discovered the series. Marla Frazee's whimsical illustrations add to Pennypacker's expert characterization, making Clementine one of the most unforgettable heroines in children's literature. Highly recommended!
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LibraryThing member abbylibrarian
Clementine's back and better than ever. Just as soon as Clementine was getting the hang of third grade (she hadn't been sent to the principal's office in a week!), she learns that Mr. D'Matz is a finalist in a contest for a trip to Egypt. He'll be gone all week at the judging and if he wins, he
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could be going to Egypt for the rest of the year! There's no way Clementine's going to let that happen, especially after she meets her new substitute teacher. Mrs. Nagel has changed all the rules and Clementine keeps getting into trouble. When the principal asks the kids in Clementine's class to write letters to the judges telling them why Mr. D'Matz should win the contest, Clementine gets a brilliant idea. But will her idea work? Can she survive the third grade without Mr. D'Matz? And what other trouble will Clementine get into?

Another hit in the Clementine series. I'm not normally a big fan of series, but these are excellent. I loved how the bond between teacher and student is portrayed and how the conflict is eventually resolved. Clementine's got real spirit and creativity and, although her ideas sometimes result in disasters, her heart's always in the right place.
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LibraryThing member mayaspector
Clementine is back! One of the most memorable characters in children's literature in recent years has returned for the third time, and it is our good fortune. This time Clementine is dismayed to find out that her beloved teacher may win a trip to Egypt to do research - for the whole year. Mr.
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D'Matz is the first teacher who understands her, and now he might be leaving. And what's worse is that the new substitute is strict and has all different rules that Clementine doesn't understand. Clementine's 3rd grade class has a chance to write letters about their teacher that could affect the outcome of the Great Adventures for Teachers program. Should she spoil it all for Mr. D'Matz?

I know this doesn't sound funny, and it certainly isn't as far as Clementine is concerned, but Sara Pennypacker writes with such warmth, humor and compassion that the reader can't help but smile. Clementine is one-of-a-kind. You'll love her.
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LibraryThing member mjsbooks
Clementine hopes to sabotage her teacher's chances to study abroad in Egypt for a year because she likes him so much. Light, easy reading in the mode of Junie B. Jones or Judy Moody.
LibraryThing member allawishus
Clementine demonstrates real charm in this book; underneath the ADHD messiness and sometimes selfishness beats the heart of a really lovely little girl!

In this one, Clementine's teacher is in competition to go on an archaelogical dig in Egypt which means he'd have to leave his class for the year.
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Clementine is outraged at the thought that he could leave them, so she writes a mean letter to the judges of the competition, telling them why he would be unsuitable.

Over the course of the week, Clementine navigates problems with her new substitute, an attempt to make money and buy her mother a present, and angry neighbors. She learns some lessons about selfishness and thinking before you act.

Clementine is a really refreshing character - not overly sweet or cutesy, but still with a charming honesty about her. The only issue with the book might be that the adults are almost too understanding and forgiving of some of her more outre behavior - not too realistic, maybe.
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LibraryThing member RefPenny
Clementine is horrified to learn that her beloved teacher, Mr D’Matz, may be leaving to go on an “Adventure for Teachers” in Egypt. If he wins the competition Clementine’s class will have a substitute teacher, Mrs Nagel, for the rest of the year. While Clementine and Mr D’Matz know what
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to expect from each other, Mrs Nagel has a lot of new and baffling (to Clementine) rules. Clementine decides to sabotage Mr D’Matz’s chances of winning.
This is a humorous book about a very likable girl and it would appeal to children aged 7 and up. It is the third book about Clementine.
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LibraryThing member aakauff
Free-spirited Clementine is back with more third-grade adventures in this third installment in the Clementine series. Clementine has finally settled into a routine at school, only to learn that her beloved teacher Mr. D’Matz might be leaving to go to Egypt! Rather than get stuck with Mrs. Nagel,
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a substitute teacher who doesn’t seem to appreciate all of Clementine’s quirks, the precocious narrator sets out to thwart Mr. D’Matz’s plans for leaving. Of course, laughable shenanigans and predictable lessons ensue. Favorite characters Margaret and her older brother, Mitchell (“If I ever have a boyfriend, which I will not, it might be him.”) are delightful companions to Clementine’s adventures. Illustrations by Marla Frazee only add to the appeal of the book. The relatable situations, kid-friendly language and endearing storyline make Clementine’s Letter a feel-good hit for kids and adults alike. For ages 8-10. Highly recommended.
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LibraryThing member sroslund
Clementine is starting third grade and things are going swimmingly. She and her teacher are finally “in sink” and Clementine is starting to get the hang of paying attention, doing her work, and being responsible. But all that is threatened when her teacher is up for a grant that will take him
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away for the REST OF THE YEAR! How will Clementine deal with the mean new substitute teacher and find a way to get her beloved Mr. D’Matz back? Sara Pennypacker’s third installment in the Clementine Series is packed with more of her bright protagonist’s quirky observations (eel’s should be sold as pets, not for food!) and intuitive kindness (“And all the time [Mom] was making the ‘Wow! I must be dreaming!’ face, which was so pretty I’m going to make a drawing of it someday.”). This transitional chapter book is perfect for boys and girls who find it a little tricky to deal with a substitute teacher and all their “new rules,” or who simply love this likeable, relatable character and her peculiar ways. Recommended for grades 2-4.
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LibraryThing member pussreboots
Clementine's Letter by Sara Pennypacker is the third book in the series. It won the Christopher Award in 2008. It was also the first book in the series I read, as part of my notable books and materials for children 5 to 8 project.

Clementine is having a rough week. Her beloved third grade teacher,
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Mr D'Matz has been nominated for a year long trip to an archeological dig in Egypt. To make things worse Clementine just can't seem to do anything right for the substitute. At home she wants to get her mother a special box to keep her art supplies but her money making scheme has upset nearly ever single person in the apartment her father manages.

Frazee's line drawings capture Clementine's every emotions as things go from bad to worse, helping to make her a sympathetic and likable character.

The book highlights the importance of routine, ground rules, good communication and the adjustment period needed for anyone starting a new job or for students to get used to a new teacher.(
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LibraryThing member lquilter
Pretty funny, like the other Clementine books -- although also sort of painful in a not very funny way, for all the Clementine/teacher conflict.
LibraryThing member alaina.loescher
This was a very typical realistic fiction book for kids. What I really enjoyed about this book was its message. I think the moral of this book centers around making other people happy. Clementine loves doing what she can to make other people happy most of the time. This is why it is so easy for her
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to help her dad start writing the book he wants to write and to buy her mom an organizer for her art supplies. However, when her teacher gets the potential to go to Egypt for a year, Clementine realizes that what will make her teacher happy will not be the same thing as what makes her happy. This is something that everyone faces and I liked seeing the way that Clementine dealt with this. I also love how eclectic Clementine is. However, I did not find this book to be all that interesting or unique. There are so many books like this. I also felt that parts of it were a bit drab and some of the characters could have a lot more depth.
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LibraryThing member adaq
Pretty funny, like the other Clementine books -- although also sort of painful in a not very funny way, for all the Clementine/teacher conflict.




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