George and Martha: The Complete Stories of Two Best Friends Collector's Edition (George & Martha Early Reader)

by James Marshall

Hardcover, 2008



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HMH Books for Young Readers (2008), Edition: Collectors, Hardcover, 368 pages


Collects all thirty-five stories about best friends George and Martha.

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368 p.; 9.4 inches

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LibraryThing member conuly
This is a charmingly simple and funny book of short-short stories for little kids. I can't really describe it, but my niece was cracking up over these as she read them!
LibraryThing member lindsaygits1
Stories and two friends a little adventures they get into. The split pea soup shows readers that sometimes you dont tell your friends things to spare thier feelings. These are short reads with simple pictures that go along. Children will enjoy the relationship these two hippos have.
LibraryThing member allawishus
George and Martha have such a wonderful friendship; one of the great things about it is that it's not saccharine - both George and Martha are prickly and finicky and sometimes inadvertantly mean to each other. But they forgive each other and love each other, regardless.

I like how each book is
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formatted as a short story, but somehow all 5 stories in each book end up tying back into each other by the end.

I also love the sheer size of George and Martha and how the books shows them barely squeezing into theater seats and the like. I also looooooove all of Martha's skirts. She's got great taste!

The illustrations are masterful compositions and so much personality is conveyed in the eye-dots! James Marshall was truly amazing.
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LibraryThing member emilee
cute book on friendship
LibraryThing member amydross
My favorite stories are the ones that end a beat sooner than expected, and leave the reader feeling slightly unsteady. Also, adorably drawings of hippos.
LibraryThing member KellyLPickett
These simple stories about two hippos who are best friends present readers important lessons such as honesty, privacy, acceptance and vaniety. Each story in the book (there are 5 in each) is very brief and easy to read. It can be used to open a discussion about respecting one another and other
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basic concepts about kindness.
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LibraryThing member eg5274
Summary: This is a compilation of five stories about two Hippopotami who are best friends. One's name is George and the other one's name is Martha. My favorite story was the one about split pea soup. George hated split pea soup, but Martha loved making it. She would always make it for George, but
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one day George had enough. When Martha walked out of the kitchen, George put the soup in a pair of loafers that were under the table! Martha found out and they talked about it. She didn't like split pea soup either, so she stopped making it.

Personal Reaction: I liked reading this story. It was funny and very sweet.

Classroom Extension Ideas:
A. This story can be told when dealing with friendships. The students can practice with a partner on what to say if they were in Martha and George's shoes.

B. This story can also be read when explaining how to treat one another. A discussion can be made by having the students make definitions on what respect means.
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