Mercy Watson #3: Fights Crime

by Kate DiCamillo

Hardcover, 2006



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Candlewick (2006), Edition: Library Binding, Hardcover, 80 pages


Mercy the pig's love of buttered toast leads to the capture of a small thief who would rather be a cowboy.


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80 p.; 8.38 inches

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LibraryThing member allawishus
I love Mercy Watson, but I have to say I didn't love this one quite as much as the first two. In this one, there's a wannabe cowboy robber who gets surprised by Mercy when he's in the process of robbing the Watsons. He ends up riding Mercy and, through a series of misadventures, gets caught by the
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cops. I love most of the characters in the Mercy Watson books because they seem to be so organic to the setting and the story. But a short, wannabe-cowboy thief doesn't seem very organic to me! However, Mercy is still adorable, the illustrations are magnificent, the language is perfect easy-reader material, and all in all, it's very enjoyable.
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LibraryThing member dg_turner
When a thief who wants to be a cowboy robs the Watson family in the middle of the night, Mercy stops him. All Mercy wants is buttery toast but she accidently stops the robber in his tracks and sits on him until the police come. Cute pieces of buttered toast for page numbers and a great ending.
LibraryThing member ShellyCBuchanan
A delightfully wacky story about a the Watsons and their pet pig Mercy who lives and sleeps in the house with them and one night intercepts by accident the cowboy marauder, Leroy Ninker. It is of course Mercy who by her very pigness saves the day. This story is silly and simple and fun for new
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readers. The expressive nature of the characters add a lot to the comedy of errors in the story.
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LibraryThing member nicholspdx
Mercy wakes to the sounds of a burglar in the downstairs of the house she lives in and thinks someone is making toast, which Mercy loves. It turns out the burglar is a want to be cowboy, so much so that he is dressed like a cowboy. Through a series of funny mishaps the burglar ends up riding Mercy
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like a bucking bronco when the police show up. Before the police take the burglar in everyone ends up eating toast because as the story points out, everyone loves toast.
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LibraryThing member HilarySI624
Mercy Watson interrupts a burglary-in-progress in her own home and takes the thief (who wants to be a cowboy) on a wild ride in search of butter. Kate DiCamillo's simple text conceals a magnificent amount of delightful detail and depth of characterization. Even readers who are not familiar with
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Mercy's exploits will quickly come to understand that she has had adventures involving the firemen, policemen, and the Lincoln sisters. Through sixteen chapters DiCamillo also manages to keep readers interested in learning what happens next. Each chapter ends with a mini cliffhanger (such as Mercy heading downstairs when the reader knows the thief is in the kitchen) or a funny situation. The illustrations by Chris Van Dusen have a shiny three-dimensional cartoon quality that brings to mind modern digital animation -- a style children are familiar with and enjoy. Public and school media libraries will find this book indispensable to their transitional book collection.
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LibraryThing member awinkler
Mercy Watson is a pig who in this book catches a theif. She does it on accident more because she loves toast with butter. She wakes up while the family sleeps and catches the robber by sitting on him and licking him.
LibraryThing member runner_roader
Mercy the pig and her love of toast help catch a thief in this funny story of an obsessed pig after some tasty hot buttered toast. Leroy Ninker doesn't know what he's gotten himself into by trying to steal the toaster from the Watson's house on 54 Deckawoo Drive.

My daughters and I laughed all the
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way through this story. Kate DiCamillo knows just how to get the reader excited for the next story about Mercy Watson.

Nice collection of stories for students to have read to them or read on their own.
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LibraryThing member JenJ.
Mercy Watson continues to delight in her third adventure in which she foils a not-so-scary thief. Leroy Ninker really wants to be a cowboy, but until he can realize his cowboy dreams he is a thief. His big mistake when trying to rob the Watsons is stealing the toaster. Mercy overhears and mistakes
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the sounds of the robbery for toast-making sounds and since there is nothing Mercy loves more than hot buttered toast, she heads to the kitchen to investigate. Extremely silly antics ensue involving the Lincoln sisters, our favorite firemen Ned and Lorenzo, Officer Tomilello, and bareback pig riding. The Mercy Watson series is just right for readers transitioning from easy readers to chapter books with Chris Van Dusen's illustrations adding a colorful, retro note to the mix.
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LibraryThing member dms02
We are really enjoying this series!

The usual cast of characters are back at it again for this book. There is much talk of eating butter toast. Mercy is a hero.

A really fun chapter book series that is great for young ones to hear as a read-aloud. The story lines are complex enough to keep parents
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interested but also easy enough to follow and understand.
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LibraryThing member Colbi
Mercy Watson is a pig who unknowingly catches a robber trying to break into her family's home. She does so when she is woken up by the sound of the toaster and then smells the sweet smell of butter on the robber's breath. She drags him out of her family's home and soon enough the police are called
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by Mercy's old lady neighbors. The police catch the robber and Mercy saves the day!
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LibraryThing member cindyofili
In the third book of the Mercy Watson series, Mercy the pig saves the day by catching the thieve who tries to steal from the Watson house. Unintentionally, Mercy catches the thieve by searching for the buttery toast she think someone is cooking. Throughout the story, the mean sister Eugenia think
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Mercy is at fault because pigs are not house pets, but once again Mercy becomes a hero and is rewarded at the end with toast. This book in the series is good for children because it teaches them that anyone can make a difference in helping others.
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LibraryThing member SimoneAlexis
The third installment of the Mercy Watson books, Mercy is back at it, this time stopping a thief from stealing from the Watsons! Mercy saves the day (unintentially! all she wanted was some buttery toast!) and is rewarded with her favorite treat at the end. This book is short and sweet and can
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easily be read by 7 yrs old and up!
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LibraryThing member AbigailAdams26
That buttered-toast-loving pig with a penchant for trouble, Mercy Watson, whose adventures began in Mercy Watson to the Rescue and continued in Mercy Goes for a Ride, returns for her third adventure in this entertaining chapter-book. Awakened in the middle of the night by the sound of the toaster
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being moved - surely a sign that toast is being made! - Mercy surprises a pint-sized burglar named Leroy Ninker, who dreams of being a cowboy. Needless to say, Mercy's actions (however inadvertent) save the day...

I enjoyed Mercy Watson Fights Crime quite a bit, finding it (unlike many sequels) every bit as entertaining as its predecessors. Mercy herself is a winsome character who, with her inadvertent and unconscious participation in various human interactions around her, reminds me a bit of Judith Kerr's Mog (of Mog the Forgetful Cat). Coming from a Mog fan, that is, of course, high praise. With vividly colorful illustrations that add to the fun, an amusing tale of a toast-obsessed pig and a would-be burglar who longs to be a cowboy, and a cast of appealing secondary characters, many of whom appeared in the previous two entries in the series, this third Mercy Watson story is a winner!
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LibraryThing member AngelaLam
The second book my daughter read. We have reread it together many times.




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