My Bridges of Hope

by Livia Bitton-Jackson

Paperback, 2002




Simon Pulse (2002), Mass Market Paperback, 384 pages


In 1945, after surviving a harrowing year in Auschwitz, fourteen-year-old Elli returns, along with her mother and brother, to the family home, now part of Slovakia, where they try to find a way to rebuild their shattered lives.

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384 p.; 7.06 inches

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LibraryThing member tuffstuff08
Very emotional. I loved this book. My mom got it for me on Easter.
LibraryThing member STBA
This sequel to I Have Lived a Thousand Years (1997) takes Elli Friedman from liberation to her arrival in the United States six years later. As a survivor and displaced person, the heroine attempts to form relationships and continue her education, yet feels guilty for wanting a normal life.




(19 ratings; 4.2)
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