Civil War (DK Eyewitness Books)

by John Stanchack

Paperback, 2000



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Dorling Kindersley (2000), Edition: 1st American Edition, Paperback, 64 pages


Examines many aspects of the Civil War, including the issue of slavery, secession, the raising of armies, individual battles, the commanders, Northern life, Confederate culture, the surrender of the South, and the aftermath.

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64 p.; 10.7 inches

User reviews

LibraryThing member weeksie50
This non fiction book really gives a lot of details that a regular text book does not give. It shows diagrams and up close pictures of their weapons. It goes into detail about the deathes and dying. It also show soliders lying dead-it is a true book. It does not sugar coat anything.

I would use this
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book to enhance my civil war lessons.
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LibraryThing member dbcollin
Of course, this book is all about the civil war (how it began and ended). I reccomend it for the details provided in pictures and other artifacts of the time. It's like a museum inside of a book.
LibraryThing member ppoche
Civil War is a great learning tool for middle school children. The book gives detailed accounts of the causes, action, major figures, and aftermath of the Civil War. There are hundreds of photographs and drawings of the events. There are also dozens of artifacts that were actually used in the war.
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It also provides an engrossing experience for students.
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LibraryThing member LindseyB12
This book is jammed pack with information concerning the civil war. Accompanied by descriptive texts are hundreds of pictures and diagrams of people, weapons, machinery, clothing, accessories, and artifacts of the time. This would be a great book to keep on the shelf of a classroom and take out
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during a lesson on American history. This would be very useful to learn about both small and large details of the war.
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LibraryThing member meblack19
Civil War, by John Stanchak, is about seventy percent pictures and thirty present text. The book is dedicated to breaking down the Civil War, beginning with the rising tensions between the North and South, and ending with the 10-year Reconstruction period. Each page is dedicated to one aspect of
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the war, briefly explains it, and has accompanying photographs and pictures to aid in its description. For example, page 24 is labeled "Outfitting armies" and explains how the armies were clothed, what soldiers carried on their person, and what kinds of weapons soldiers used. The surrounding pictures show the guns, some of the items a soldier carried, and pictures of uniformed soldiers. It is a visually appealing book, with most of the pictures being of actual Civil War artifacts. For visual learners, this is a great book because the photos really do back up the text. This is a great book for any student who wants to see things from the war and not just read about it.
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