by Robert Burleigh

Hardcover, 2002



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Silver Whistle (2002), Edition: 0, Hardcover, 32 pages


Although Pandora has a house, gardens, and numerous gifts, she is drawn to the room that holds a forbidden jar. Is her curiosity a gift or a curse?

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32 p.; 11.3 x 9.26 inches

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LibraryThing member Supersongbird
I liked this book because it was exciting because a lot of stuff flew out of Pandora's jar.
LibraryThing member ktibbs
This book could be used in many teaching points. It could obviously be used to discuss Greek mythology, especially as an introduction since so many greek gods are mentioned as to what they were able to offer Pandora when she was created. This could also be used within a character education lesson
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of being grateful for what one has and not always striving to have more, the moral of being careful what you wish for.
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LibraryThing member leighanngoodwill
Pandora is a well known myth. Zeus gave Prometheus and other titans the job of creating the first animals and men. Prometheus stole fire and gave it to the men. Zeus was angry and ordered the gods to create the first woman, Pandora. Pandora was told to never open a forbidden jar. But, after great
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temptation and even warnings from her servant Xerxes, she just couldn’t resist. When she opened the jar, she released winged creatures that represented harm and evil. However, just before she closed the jar, she heard the voice of hope. It was this voice of hope that Pandora would be brave and hold onto. The story tells us how evil and harm entered the world.
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LibraryThing member missamellon
This retelling of the Greek myth is rather mysterious. It takes some repetition to really understand it. The text really focuses on Pandora's feeling of temptation. The illustrations have an ancient Greek quality - very beautiful.
LibraryThing member lakertraw
This story is based on the Greek myth about Pandora. Pandora was informed by her husband not to open a jar the gods had placed in the home. He cautioned her that is was forbidden. However, her curiousity got the best of her and she decides to open the jar. As a result, she lets many awful things
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into the world but hope remained in the jar. I enjoyed reading a different take on this classic myth and the illustrations were wonderful.
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LibraryThing member kristine.rouska
This book was amazing. It not only defined many of the Greek myth terms and characters but it did it in a way that still stayed true to the story and entertained. Additionally the illustrations are beautiful!
LibraryThing member ckarmstr1
I really enjoyed this retelling of Pandora. I think this book would be most appropriate for high school students. Like I said with Hercules, it would have been nice to have this book to read along with the lengthier version. The illustrations are very Greek-like, and that's why I like them. I think
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the way Burleigh structures this story breaks away from the common lengthy paragraphs of other versions, making this one more enjoyable to read.
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LibraryThing member lekenned
The classic greek myth about Pandora and how her curiosity let out all the evil in the world.
LibraryThing member manich01
Colorful illustrations and clear narration make this timeless tale of the origins of evil available to young readers and doubly-enjoyable for veterans.
LibraryThing member audreydodge
What wonderful illustrations. The wonderful colors and texture including the designs inset. Pandora was created from the gods and is curious about what is in a pottery jar. The curiosity gets the best of her and she opens it. Something terrible is let out and she closes the lid keeping good inside.
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She keeps the jar knowing that there is hope inside.
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LibraryThing member carolcavedon
This book is about Pandora and how her curiosity came to let bad things happen to the world. When she realizes what she has done, she decides to keep the jar because hopes remains in it. The illustrations are beautiful. It can teach kids about respecting what somebody else said (Pandora's husband),
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and also about not crossing the boundaries just because you are curious (controlling oneself).
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LibraryThing member lawsonm
Together, the images and the story simplicity, clarity, and flow seem a great first experience into mythology for young readers. Further, the storyline acts as a nice overarching lesson for further discussion in the classroom.
LibraryThing member achatela
This story was about Pandora who was told by her husband not to open a specific jar in their home. This made pandora very curious to find out what was inside. On the side of the jar you could see a story being told through drawings. She wondered if these drawings were a warning to her. Finally
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pandora opened the jar, she saw and heard evil things that were released into the world. She tried so hard to find a way to but it all back in but she couldn't, what she did was done. This story showed me a lot. Seeing something beautiful doesn't mean that something beautiful is inside the thing.
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LibraryThing member SamanthaMulkey
This is the story of Pandora from greek mythology. I would probably pick this book to introduce pandora to children. It was very interesting, kept my attention, and had beautiful illustrations.
LibraryThing member hlmusiclover
The story of Pandora has been considered as one of the oldest stories of human behavior in Greek mythology. Ancient Greeks used these stories to explain the many misfortunes of the human race. The myth of Pandora's box has fascinated people throughout centuries. Pandora is highly regarded for her
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beauty, status, and wealth. Although she had everything at her disposal, she had a desire to find out what lied inside a jar. Her inquisitive nature has caused despair for mankind. I guess, it was written by the gods for this to occur. I thought this book was wonderfully crafted; the illustrations captured the tone quite well. Young readers will find joy in reading this book.
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LibraryThing member Cheryl_in_CC_NV
Much lovelier pictures than the cover implies. Longer than most picture-books, it retells the myth thoroughly and with grace.




½ (25 ratings; 3.6)
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