beast feast

by Douglas Florian

Hardcover, 1994




HMH Books for Young Readers (1994), Edition: 1st, Hardcover, 48 pages


A collection of humorous poems about such animals as the walrus, anteater, and boa.


Texas Bluebonnet Award (Nominee — 1997)
Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Award (Nominee — Grades K-3 — 1998)
Show Me Readers Award (Nominee — 1997)

Physical description

48 p.; 10.31 inches

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LibraryThing member wb010371
Beast Feast is very much like the book Insectlopedia but it is about animals instead of insects. The poems by Douglas Florian are humorous and his paintings of each animal to go with the poem are eye catching.

I liked this book and the way he used words to let the child learn something about the
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animal such as the lobster being a crustacean or the armadillo having a shell. His poetry lets you see a picture and hear words that a catchy and fun which is a great way to retain information.

This would be a good book when learning about different animals and what is different about each one. It would be a way to introduce different animals and maybe have the students pick one to do more detailed report on when doing a segment on animals and make it a group activity.
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LibraryThing member justineaylward
Animal poems. Very creative. My favorites were the Walrus and the Rhea...
"The rhea rheally isn't strange--
It's just an ostrich, rhearranged."
The paintings are also fabulous.
LibraryThing member alexkir
This book has poems about animals. It has water color art.

I did not like this poem book as much as the other one. It wasn't very informative so you wouldn't be learning as much. The poems were very short it just didn't seem like a very good book.

I don't think I would use this in a classroom but if
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I had to I would have the child to pick out which animal they liked best and we would make a mask.
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LibraryThing member carebeargirlie5187
This children's poetry book is full of short childrend poems which describe animals in a fun and interesting way.

This book of poetry is a lot of fun. I realy enjoyed the illustrations set to the poems.

This book would be a fun way to introduce poetry to young children. I would like to present the
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descriptive poems to the children and have them draw a picture to go with a poem they are assigned.
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LibraryThing member lnaeole
Simple yet fun. Water color painting is cute and the text was just as good too.
LibraryThing member julieaduncan
Beast Feast includes twenty-one poems and paintings about various animals such as the walrus, anteater, lobster, whale, pigeon, camel, and kangaroo. The poems are varying in length from as little as two lines to half a page. While most have a humorous side to them, they also manage to introduce
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some facts about each animal.

This is a cute book with fun illustrations that I think children will enjoy, especially one with the kangaroo's baby peering out a window in her mommy's tummy. The poems are cute and easily read out loud. My favorite was about the mole and the idea that a mole doesn't mind that it can't see, because there isn't much to see underground!

These would be cute poems to introduce before a zoo field trip. You could have a set of index cards with pictures of the various animals. Each day before the trip, a child could come up and choose a card and you could read the corresponding poem. It's also a good book to have on hand for letter studies: K for kangaroo, W for whale, B for bat, etc.
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LibraryThing member jessicasolis6
This is a poem book about animals. Nonfiction




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