Ten Kings: And The Worlds They Rule

by Milton Meltzer

Hardcover, 2002



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Orchard (2002), Edition: 1st, Hardcover, 144 pages


Profiles ten kings that changed the course of history, including Peter the Great, and Hammurabi, ruler of the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia.

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144 p.; 11.28 inches

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Handsome illustrations, including speculative portraits of the kings. Useful maps and bibliography.

User reviews

LibraryThing member meggyweg
Excellent history for 9-to-12s. The entries are from around the world (South America, Africa and Asia in addition to Europe), they're short and easy-to-read, the illustrations are good and the history is accurate.
LibraryThing member jebass
This book is the complement to Meltzer's "Ten Queens." It covers the life, times and reign of ten historical kings and offers a glimpse into their past.

This book would be great for any student who is interested in royalty (I myself love it). It's at an advanced reading level (and long), so it may
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require discussion to appeal to younger grades, but it is very informative and interesting. Also, as some rulers of the past were violent, it would be most appropriate for the older grades. It is an excellent source of information for Social Studies, specifically for cultural and world history.
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LibraryThing member CelenaM511
More suitable for high school level students. I liked how the book allows students to see 10 different Kings in one book making it easier to compare.
LibraryThing member ADReed
"This book is about power--power in the hands of kings."

Once again, Milton Meltzer and Bethanne Andersen completely amaze me with this book about men of power while also complementing their book about queens and women of power. Touching slightly on both of these books, I must say that I simply love
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the great attention to detail and progression of information. There is just enough intrigue mixed with fact to keep anyone from losing interest. Not to mention that some of the kings and queens who are in these books were rulers I have never even heard of before now! Even despite me knowing a great deal about quite a few of these rulers, I did not possess half the knowledge about any of them that I do now. I am very excited to use this pair of books in the classroom, maybe even simultaneously where I could assign a queen or king to the opposite gender student.
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