The Age of Pericles (World History Series)

by Don Nardo

Hardcover, 1996



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Lucent Books (1996), Hardcover, 112 pages


Historical examination of Athens in the period from 479 to 431 B.C., which was dominated by the leadership of Pericles, looking at the achievements of artists, writers, philosophers and reformers, as well as the political turmoil and military conflicts of the era.

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112 p.; 9.31 inches

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A reasonably well-written book marred by poor editorial choices. Most appropriate for YA, where available, due to the sophistication of the writing. "Difficult" words, which are designated so more or less arbitrarily are glossed in many quotations with an ugly bracket system.

Presents the history of
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classical Greece as a gradually deepening conflict between the two cities of Sparta and Athens, with the Persian Wars as a fairly brief interruption. The conflict, presented this way, seems analogous to WWI, as a network of alliances dragged more and more allies into the war. As in WWI, the adversaries were evenly matched and had effective fighting forces, so the war dragged on and on, with great suffering over a deal of the Mediterranean. Eventually, exhausted, both formerly great powers were defeated by the Macedonian king, Philip.

Also covers the Athenian campaign in Egypt.
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