Traveling to Tondo

by Verna Aardema

Hardcover, 1991






Knopf Books for Young Readers (1991), Edition: First Edition, Hardcover


On his way to his wedding, with his friends as attendants, a civet cat meets with extraordinary and unexpected delays.


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10.3 inches


0679800816 / 9780679800811



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LibraryThing member AbigailAdams26
When Bowane the civet cat sets out to bring the bride price to his future father-in-law, he is joined on his journey by his friends Embenga the pigeon, Nguma the snake, and Ulu the turtle. But traveling to Tondo takes longer than expected in this story about the need to make wise decisions, even when it involves saying no to a friend...

Well-known for her many wonderful folktale picture-books, Verna Aardema here turns her attention to the traditions of the Nkundo people of Zaire (AKA Congo), delivering an engaging story that will "read" very well at story-hour. The glossary and pronunciation guide provided at the front is very helpful, and Aardema's inclusion of her source is a welcome indication of her respect for the material. Will Hillenbrand's lovely illustrations, both in color and in black silhouette, are the perfect complement to the story. Highly recommended to all young folktale enthusiasts, and to those who work with them.
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LibraryThing member APursel16
Set in the African Jungle a civet cat wants to marry another civet cat but to do so he must bring back items to she can marry her. This book talks about loyalty that a cat has to it's many friends. After each friend has an excuse to have the civet cat wait for them so they can also go to Tondo, the civet cat waits so everyone can go together. Even though he does not make it in time to marry his future wife readers can learn about what it is to be a good friend. The book also has beautiful illustrations which enhances the visual aspect of the story so the reader can get a better grasp of what something might look like. It is a fun and entertaining book for young readers.… (more)


(7 ratings; 3.4)
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