Tony's Bread

by Tomie dePaola

Hardcover, 1989



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Putnam Juvenile (1989), Hardcover, 32 pages


A baker loses his daughter but gains a bakery in the grand city of Milano after meeting a determined nobleman and baking a unique loaf of bread.

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32 p.; 8.25 x 0.5 inches

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LibraryThing member Molly2Faith
This is an okay book about a man who wants to be the most famous bread maker in Milano. He has a daughter Serafina who Tony thinks no man is worthy of her. Until one day a man named Angelo comes along and sees Serafina and wants to marry her. So he finds out what he has to do in order to marry her.
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He is rich and makes Tony the most known bread maker in Milano and is able to marry Serafina. This book was cool though because it had simple Italian phrases with it's definition. Reading Level: 4-8
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LibraryThing member TonieleHazel
Tony the bread baker has a daughter, Serafina, who no man is good for. When Angelo comes into the village he falls in love with Serafina. So Angelo takes Tony and Serafina to Milano where they come up with a brilliant new idea for Tony's bread. Everyone loves this new bread and in return for the
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bakery shop in Milano, Angelo and Serafina get married.
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LibraryThing member MKHowell
Tony is a baker of bread with a daughter that he keeps hidden away because no one is good enough for her. One day Angelo comes into town and happens to see Serafino and falls in love with her. He comes up with the idea of Tony making a new kind of bread to sell in Milan and ends up getting to marry
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his daughter because of it.
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LibraryThing member AllieR93
This book discusses some Italian culture along with a love story. The book mentions Italian words, such as bambina, which means little girl. Italian food was also mentioned. Panettone is an Italian bread that is well like in Italy. This book also shows the importance of working hard to follow your
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dreams. Tony wished to be a famous baker. With the help of his friend Angelo, Tony worked hard and got his famous bakery. Angelo's goal was to marry the love of his life, which was Tony's daughter. Angelo worked hard to make Tony feel that he was the right man for his daughter. This story shows that if you work hard your dreams will come true.
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LibraryThing member Jennifer LeGault
Tony dreams of being a famous baker in northern Italy one day. He and his daughter's dreams seem to far away until a nobleman appears with a plan.
LibraryThing member NMiller22
A baker loses his daughter but gains a bakery in the grand city of Milano after meeting a determined nobleman and baking a unique loaf of bread.
LibraryThing member cyderry
What a delightful tale of the origin of the Panattone Italian holiday bread. Tony has dreams of becoming the most renown baker in Italy however, he only lives in a small village with his daughter, Serafina. Serafina is quite beautiful and one day a nobleman from Milan sees her and falls in love.
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Convincing Tony to move his bakery to Milan, the nobleman arranges for the best ingredients for Tony's use all the while he woos Serafina. Such a cute story!
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