How Night Came from the Sea: A Story from Brazil

by Mary-Joan Gerson

Hardcover, 1994



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398.2 Ger



Little Brown & Co (Juv) (1994), Library Binding, 32 pages


An African sea goddess brings the gift of night to the land of daylight, thus permitting rest for the workers under Brazil's hot sun.

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32 p.; 9 x 0.5 inches


0316308552 / 9780316308557



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LibraryThing member TamaraSmith
I enjoyed this book. This book is set in Brazil and gives an explanation as to why we have night. An African sea goddess Lemanjà has a daughter who decides to marry an earth man. A problem arises once Lemanjá's daughter realizes she can't take the constant sunlight. Her daughter feels she needs a break from all the work, sun, and bright colors. The Earth man sends his servants on a journey to Lemanjà in the sea. Lemanjà gifts her daughter with night. The servants are warned to only let her daughter open the package because only her daughter can tame the night. As the servants travel back to the island, they become scared and a bit curious about what was in the sack. One of the servants open the bag and let out all the elements of night. Lemanjà's daughter sees the night rising and calms it. She then gives three gifts to signal night is coming and going.
I think this is a great book to use for a lesson on folklore.
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