Snow White: Silver Anniversary Edition

by Paul Heins

Hardcover, 1974



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Little, Brown Young Readers (1974), Edition: 1, Hardcover, 48 pages


Retells the tale of the beautiful princess whose lips were red as blood, skin was white as snow, and hair was black as ebony.

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48 p.; 9.08 x 9.06 inches

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LibraryThing member Janeece
This version of Snow White is one of the ones I had never been exposed to. I thought that it had an intresting twist. I never knew that some of the events had happened. Snow White was born beautiful. Her step mother was very jealous of her. She sent her to the forest and thought this would kill
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her. After hearing that she was still alive she tried multiple times to be rid of Snow White and then the last time she thought she was gone for good, but little known a new twist was about to come over Snow White.

I thought that this version of Snow White related to me,because after multiple times of failure she ends up living happily ever after. This is a quality that i am trying to work though in my life.

As a classroom extension I am going to have my students compare this version to other versions of Snow White. Another is going to have the students write an alternate ending to this traditional tale.
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LibraryThing member country
In this story Snow Whte is talking about her ugly stepmother. Her stepmother asked the mirror on the wall, "who is the fairest in the land?" Then the mirror replied, "you are very beautiful, but Snow White is the prettiest in the land." After the mirror told the queen this she was furious. She told
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a hunter to distroy Snow White, but he couldn't do it. Snow White went to live with the seven dwarfs in the forest. The queen went to the mirror again, but the mirror replied the same. She was bound and determined to kill Snow White. She took her some clothing, poisoned a comb but neither of them killed her. Finally, she made a poisoned apple and Snow White ate it. The queen knew she had killed her. All of the seven dwarfs put her in a coffin but decided not to bury her. A prince came and wanted to see Snow White. So the seven dwarfs lead him to her and he brought her back to life. He got the apple that was wedged in her throat, and they lived happily ever after.
I have always loved the old fairy tales. My mother would always read the stories to me and then I would have to watch the video.
Since many of the students don't get to watch or listen to the fairy tales, I would love to use this in my classroom and read them to the students.
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LibraryThing member DLWilson1831
This book was a beautiful girl named Snow White. She was very beautiful and her adoring step-mother did not like that Snow White was so beautiful, in fact she was very jealous. She was so jealous to the point, she wanted Snow White to die. She hired a hunter to kill Snow White and when Snow White
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learned of this, she ran away. She found a cabin in the woods and was quickly introduced to seven dwarfs, owners of the cabin. The Queen (step-mother) placed a spell on Snow White and she was to sleep until a handsome prince came and kissed her and she awoke. The Prince and Snow White lived together at the palace.

I thought this book had a very good underlining meaning. It was more than just good vs. evil. In fact, the book talked about friendship and romance. Due to the Prince's love and the Dwarf's friendship, Snow White was able to wake from the deep sleep she was in. It shows how determination and love can overcome the impossible.

Some extension ideas for this story could be to have your students talk about kingdoms and royalty. Another idea would have the children draw a picture of Snow White and how they perceived her. Elaborate on the one repetitive line in the "white as snow and red as blood, and her hair was as black as ebony." This may help the students to envision just how beautiful she was.
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LibraryThing member D.Holliman
I thought that this was visually a beautiful look at Cinderella and that it stayed close to the original story that the Brothers Grimm wrote down. Even though it does not have a Disney ending, since the Evil Queen dies by dancing with hot iron shoes I thought that this was a good adaption of
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LibraryThing member elpowers
I really like this version- but may be more appropriate for older audience.
LibraryThing member DenaLanders
This story is about a young girl who finds a home with seven nice dwarfs but the evil witch wants her dead so she can be the most beautful woman in the land. Snow White eats the poisoned apple but she comes back with the kiss from her true love. This book was different from the ones I have read in
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the past growing up because the illustrations are duller colors but more detailed. The pictures showed more detail with the characters and the surroundings. It was more mature and not so cartoon like like the ones I'm used to seeing. Good Book!
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LibraryThing member sabrina89
Snow White is one of the most popular fairy-tales in Austria. The story about the young beautiful Snow White who was chased by her stepmother, ended up at a small hut in the woods. She lived there with 7 dwarfs who admired her. From time to time her stepmother, who wants to be the most beautiful
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woman in the land , tries to kill her. But she is not successful until one day when she offers her stepdaughter a poisonous apple. Snow White died and was kept in a coffin out of glass. The new king wanted to take her with him since she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. On his way, Snow White woke up again and all of them lived happily ever after.
A wonderful story about jealousy, love and caring. Totally recommendable to share with every child.
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LibraryThing member kourtneysanner
Snow White is about a young, beautiful princess whose stepmother, the evil queen, is fiercely jealous of her beauty. The queen sends Snow White into the forest to be killed by a huntsman but the huntsman decides that he cannot do it and lets Snow go. Snow White finds a cottage and makes
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herself at home only to wake up to seven dwarfs. The dwarfs let Snow stay and they try to protect her from the evil queen. The queen eventually finds Snow White and gives her a poisonous apple. Everyone thinks Snow is dead until Prince Charming arrives to break the spell.

Personal Reaction:
I was not impressed with this story. It was a little different from the Disney version of the story that I grew up with but I think it is nice for students to hear the story told a little differently.

Classroom Extension Ideas:
1. This book would make a great compare and contrast assignment. I might have them watch the disney version of Snow White then read them the Grimm brother version. As a class we could discuss what was the same between the two and what was different.

2. I would also use this story as a creative writing activity. What if the prince never found Snow White to break the spell? What would happen to the dwarfs, the evil queen, or poor Snow? I would give my students the opportunity to write their own ending to this classic tale.
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LibraryThing member KayleeLandry
Snow White is a traditional tale about a beautiful young girl whose mother dies and evil stepmother wants her dead. Her stepmother hires a man to take her into the woods to kill her, but he takes pity on her and lets her live in the woods where she finds the home of the seven dwarfs. They
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let her live with them and warn her to be very careful. Her stepmother tries three different times to kill her, using different strategies each time. The third time she believes she has succeeded, but when the kings son finds her she is awakened by true love first kiss.
Personal Reflection
I love all of the Grimm stories. I have never found them in a picture book form, but I love it. The illustrations are amazingly beautiful and fit the story perfectly. Though I haven't quite figured it out yet I know there are lessons in this story.
Classroom Extension Ideas
1: Have the students act out the story and sess up as the character they play.
2: Have each student choose a character from the story and have them write a story from the point of view of the character they choose.
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LibraryThing member Phill242
Illustrated by Caldecott winner Hyman, a traditional telling of Snow White.
LibraryThing member Swelker
Another fairy tale classic is Snow White.This one was different from other Snow White books that I have read. Some things were the same, but the ending and middle sections were different. I would have rather read the version I am used to. I would read this to my students, but I would also read
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another version to them. I would have my students compare the two versions.
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LibraryThing member roxygamboa
The only memory of Snow White I have is the movie I saw as a child. This books has things that the movie doesn't. It's such a great read for bringing back childhood memories or showing children classics.
LibraryThing member bp0128bd
Illustrated by Caldecott winner Hyman, a traditional telling of Snow White.
LibraryThing member VictoriaHernandez
Summary of Book:
This is a story about a young beautiful princess who is the daughter of a king. As she grows up she becomes more and more beautiful and her step mother the Queen does not like this. The queen orders a hunter to take the child and kill her and to bring her heart and liver so the
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queen knows the princess is really dead. The hunter does as he is told but the princess persuades him to let her go free and so he does, he kills a hog and takes it to the queen leaving Snow White to fend for herself she finds a cottage where seven little men live and she stays there. The men find her after a days work in the mines and tell her she can stay if she will cook and clean and mend their clothes. They told her to be careful as the queen would figure out she was still alive and try to come and kill her again. The queen asks her mirror who is the most beautiful and the mirror states that Snow White was the most beautiful. This is how the queen discovers that Snow White is still alive from this point on the queen sets out to kill the girl herself. The queen makes a poisonous corset, comb and apple to try and kill the girl she eventually succeeds with the apple. Snow White doesn't die she falls into a deep sleep and the men put her in a glass coffin where a prince finds her and buys her coffin. During the whole process of moving Snow White is awakes and continues to live happily ever after with her new prince.

Personal Reaction:
This is a story I have heard and read all my life but there is always something just a little bit different. Whether it's the basic story line or even the illustrations this is a book that I already have in my collection and that Ill be reading in my future classrooms.

Extension Ideas:
Teaching on royalty, kings and queens
social skills like jealousy
history of the time period
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LibraryThing member natalie.loy
When you pick up the book Snow White, you expect it to be a lot like the Disney movie. However, this version of Snow White is nothing like the Disney version. In the story the wicked stepmother comes three times to the dwarfs house to try and kill Snow White. The first time she tried to kill her by
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lacing up her dress so tight she can't breath. The second time she tried to kill her through places poison on a hair clip. The third time she tries to kill her she gives her a poison apple. On the third time, Snow White appears to be dead, but she still has all the color in her face. The dwarfs place Snow White in a glass coffin and place her on a hill for all to see. One day a prince comes and asks if he can take her coffin to his castle. The dwarfs agree to let him take her. As the guards men are carrying the coffin the apple that is stuck in Snow Whites throat is ejected and Snow White awakens. When she learns what has happened she is so grateful she agrees to marry the prince. Snow White invites her stepmother to the wedding and when she shows up, she is forced to wear red hot iron shoes until she falls down dead. This book is not your happily ever after, but more about justice and getting what you deserve.
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LibraryThing member amccann
The classical tale of Snow White told again. The illustrations are realistic and have such detail to them. The color scheme is very dark because of the wicked events that happen within the book. The tale of Snow White who has skin as white as snow lips as red as blood and hair as black as ebony.
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She goes through the struggles of surviving because her evil step mother ,the queen, is trying to kill her. Even though the queen tried over and over she was never successful in ending Snow White's life.
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LibraryThing member slbenne1
This fairy tale tells the story of an evil, conceited Queen, who needs to be constantly reminded of her own beauty by a truth-telling mirror. She is, indeed, the most beautiful woman in the land. Until Snow White grew up, that is. She demands that Snow White be murdered, but the man she sends can't
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bare to kill the beautiful Snow White. He sets her free, and kills an animal and brings its liver and lungs back to the evil Queen so that she may eat them thinking they are Snow White's. When she goes to the mirror again to hear she is, again, the most beautiful in the land, the mirror reveals that Snow White is still alive and living with the seven dwarfs in the mountains. The evil Queen tries many times to kill Snow White, but she is unsuccessful until she tries the poisoned apple. Snow White appears to be dead and the dwarfs place her in a glass casket. When a king comes through and sees Snow White lying there, he begs for her coffin. The dwarfs are hesitant at first, but they finally agree. When the king's men stumbled over a bush carrying Snow White away, the piece of poisoned apple lodged in her throat comes loose, and she awakens, more beautiful than ever. The evil Queen was doomed and could no longer harm Snow White.
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LibraryThing member Cheryl_in_CC_NV
According to Betsy Bird's Wild Things Hyman drew herself as one of the dwarves....

Read. ?�Yes, and we can easily guess which one. ?áAnd yes, the other characters are clearly based on real ppl, neighbors and other ppl in Hyman's life, as opposed to characters for the imagination. ?áThis is a
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translation by Heins, not an adaptation, so the text is longish, not shy of details that might disturb the squeamish, and thoroughly authentic. ?áBut gosh, the tale itself is not one of my favorites. ?áSnow White is beautiful, kind, and stupid, and her beau is naive and a king's son... hoo boy. ?áWho says he's not going to fall for the next pretty face the moment SW's pregnancy gives her shadows under eyes, and who says she's going to be able to see through his secrets any better than she saw through the witch's peddler disguise?

It pains me to rate this as less than four stars because it's not the fault of either Heins or Hyman that I don't care for the book. ?áBut I must be honest; I don't recommend it.
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LibraryThing member SarahFromAmerica
This book is a beautifully illustrated fairytale by the Brothers Grimm. This retelling would be ideal for kindergarten to 2nd grade as beginning readers. Although this is not the Disney version, violence is mentioned but not seen.




½ (82 ratings; 4)
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