The Yellow Fairy Book (Dover Children's Classics)

by Andrew Lang

Other authorsH. J. Ford (Illustrator)
Paperback, 1966





Dover Publications (1966), Edition: New issue of 1894 ed, Paperback, 321 pages


A collection of traditional fairy tales from the folklore of Russia, Germany, France, Iceland, and America.


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321 p.; 8.49 inches


0486216748 / 9780486216744



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Another volume of Lang's comprehensive fairy tale compilation. The book includes: The Cat and the Mouse in Partnership; The Six Swans; The Dragon of the North; Story of the Emperor's New Clothes; The Golden Crab; The Iron Stove; The Dragon and his Grandmother; The Donkey Cabbage; The Little Green Frog; The Seven-headed Serpent; The Grateful Beasts; The Giants and the Herd-boy; The Invisible Prince; The Crow; How Six Men Travelled Through the Wide World; The Wizard King; The Nixy; The Glass Mountain; Alphege, or the Green Monkey; Fairer-than-a-Fairy; The Three Brothers; The Boy and the Wolves, or the Broken Promise; The Glass Axe; The Dead Wife; In the Land of Souls; The White Duck; The Witch and Her Servants; The Magic Ring; The Flower Queen's Daughter; The Flying Ship; The Snow-daughter and the Fire-son; The Story of King Frost; The Death of the Sun-hero; The Witch; The Hazel-nut Child; The Story of Big Klaus and Little Klaus; Prince Ring; The Swineherd; How to tell a True Princess; The Blue Mountains; The Tinder-box; The Witch in the Stone Boat; Thumbelina; The Nightingale; Hermod and Hadvor; The Steadfast Tin-soldier; Blockhead Hans; A Story about a Darning-needle.… (more)




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