The Man Who Tricked A Ghost

by Laurence Yep

Hardcover, 1997



Call number

398.2 Yep

Call number

398.2 Yep



Troll Communications (1997), Hardcover, 32 pages


Sung, a brave man who is not afraid of ghosts, meets one on a dark road and tricks it into revealing its secret weakness.

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32 p.; 11 inches


081673030X / 9780816730308



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LibraryThing member fatlamb
The book does mention the original source for this tale, first being published in the third century A.D. in China by an emperor who was believed to have written it down. The plot is easy to follow, a man name Sung is traveling home on a dark road where a ghost appears. The ghosts states that he has heard of a man named Sung in a village who is not afraid of ghosts and is planing on scaring him and if that fails the ghost will kill Sung. Sung a quick thinker states that he is also a ghost, they both walk towards Sung's village and during this walk Sung discovers the weaknesses of the ghost. The story ends when Sung sells the ghost as a sheep for a lot of money. The story is clever, funny, and enjoyable. Illustrations are amazing, truly love how the artists used canvas and either oil or acrylic paints. I think this story can work across and represent multiple cultural norms, other than illustrations there seems not to be much of a tie to the Chinese culture.
Ages 5-10 years old
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