The Return of the Buffaloes

by Paul Goble

Paperback, 1996





National Geographic Children's Books (1996), Edition: 1st, Hardcover, 32 pages


Based on a Lakota myth in which a mysterious woman returns the buffalo and the other animals to the Indian people.

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32 p.; 10.8 inches


0792265548 / 9780792265542



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LibraryThing member malissiaharrison
Its spring and the Plains Indians are waiting for the return of the buffalo. After daily searches, two young hunters are sent out and told not to return until they find the buffalo. After almost giving up they find a mysterious woman in a cave who tells them she will feed their people. They return home with the good news and the Indian people take gifts and leave at the cave. The next night the Indians are awakened by the roar of the buffalo returning.

This book is excellent at portraying how important the buffalo were to the Native Americans. I think this book would be great in a classroom especially here in Oklahoma.

I would have the class make a chart to list all of the things buffaloes were used for.

The book has a reproducible activity to make a Parfleche which is the pouch they used to carry food in. The student can color, cut and fold to make a model of the Parfleche.
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