Adopted By the Eagles

by Paul Goble

Hardcover, 1994





Bradbury Press (1994), Edition: 1st ed, Hardcover, 40 pages


Two friends go out hunting for horses--but only one returns--in this story based in the Lakota Indian tradition.

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40 p.; 10.6 inches


0027365751 / 9780027365757



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LibraryThing member Sulick1
I thought this story was a terrific representation of friendship from a multicultural perspective. However, I do not think it would be appealing to the average reader. This is because it is such a far-fetched story that no modern day student can easily relate to. If they are a high-level reader, they may be able to make the connection to their own friendships and sacrifices they make to maintain good relationships. Otherwise this story could be perceived as irrelevant to readers due to the fact that it is set a long time ago in the time of Native American tribes. Also, the writing is a bit difficult and includes some non-English language that could be confusing. The word choice is very simple, but what makes it difficult is that the pages have a large amount of text making the story seem long. I am unsure that this text would capture the attention of a younger reader, as I personally had to read through it twice to grasp the context. On the other hand, if this book was used in shared reading, the teacher could scaffold to the students and help them understand what is going on if they are lost. Again, they would still be able to gain meaning from the story because it pushes readers to value true friendship and understand that friends put other’s needs before their own, which is displayed through the perspective of Buffalo Indians. The illustrations depict scenes of the Indians and what they value through colorful drawings that show their affinity with the Earth. The main idea of this story is that friendship comes in mysterious ways, and to always honor your friendships.… (more)




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