Simple Signs

by Cindy Wheeler

Hardcover, 1995



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Viking Juvenile (1995), Hardcover, 32 pages


Demonstrates through illustrations and brief text twenty-nine American Sign Language signs for words such as hello, cry, dog, and love.


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32 p.; 9.5 inches

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Summary: This book has beginner's hand signs. The American Sign Language signs are simply illustrated and a "hint" is given to help you remember the sign. Some of the signs included in the book are animals, greetings, foods, and emotions.

Personal Reaction: I think this is an excellent book to look
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at with any child. Most of the signs can even be used by toddlers before they begin to talk.The signs are simple and easy to follow. I particularly like the hints that the book gives. I am terrible at remembering even the easiest signs and I think these would help a great bit.

Extension Ideas:
Encourage the students to memorize as many signs as they can. Go over them several times and introduce them to other signs not mentioned in the book.

Encourage students to use the signs as much as they can throughout the day. Suggest that they use them with each other and teach them to their family members.
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½ (2 ratings; 4.5)
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